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  1. Thanks to all the authorities for making the right decision. Passengers must be so relieved to finally be heading home after such an ordeal. Wishing them a safe trip home! In the meantime, wishing the remaining 26 quarantined on board with mild symptoms a speedy recovery, and thinking of the families of the four deceased.
  2. Stay positive, believe that this, too, shall pass, and book a cruise NOW for later. There are great new deals for fall 2020, 2021 and even 2022! For ideas and inspiration, message me or visit: https://7seajourneys.com
  3. And what a deal it was! Thanks for not letting the current gloom and doom get you down and thinking ahead to better times. 😁🛳👏
  4. Welcome! Let’s hope that the health crisis improves in time for your Alaska cruise. I’m trying to remain optimistic for my Celebrity cruise to Ireland and Iceland in June!
  5. Certainly a sight we don’t see every day. But don’t let COVID-19 prevent you from looking to the future. Let’s get beyond the gloom and doom and plan something for fall or 2021. The virus may take a hit on personal finances, but even having a 3-day cruise to look forward to will be uplifting!
  6. I'll be just getting off a cruise and saving up for the next one. Bon Voyage, EddieA! Wishing you sunny skies and calm seas!🛳️😎
  7. So sorry I missed this post in January. I assume you're on the partial transit and that you mean one of the rail excursions in Gatun Lake. You've probably already chosen your excursion, but either one of the Princess "Discovery" train ride and canal viewing are great. Honestly, though, my husband and I stayed on the ship in the lake and during the turn around and reverse through the locks. We LOVED that we did that. The ship was quiet and nearly empty, and even better, we had the most awesome view of the return trip through the locks without scrambling for deck space.😀 You must be packing now. Wishing you an amazing cruise. Please come back here and tell us how you liked your cruise. BON VOYAGE!!
  8. Gene, Are you cruising from one of the U.S. ports? If so, you may not notice that huge of a difference compared to the MSC European sailings. From what I hear, their cruises from the U.S. are more "Americanized" and more in line with what the traditional U.S. mainstream cruiser is used to. Don't let us scare you. Go, have a great time, and form your own opinion. Can't wait to hear more!😀
  9. I think they must have ordered the kiddie splash pool by mistake.🤣 Even before the reviewer in the video said it, I thought "Ikea". The price tag for a ship filled with Ikea-like furnishings at some $1,500 pp for a 5-day cruise seems a tad out of reach for some of its targeted audience of young adults paying off college loans. They wanted to build outside the box, and that's certainly what they did. I am interested to see how Virgin does with this.
  10. Just a few more days left of the Princess BEST.SALE.EVER! This would be the perfect opportunity to join us on this relaxing cruise from New York to Fort Lauderdale via the Caribbean islands of St. Maarten, Aruba and St. Kitts. Book your cabin by February 29th and get FREE beverages, FREE gratuities and FREE WIFI, plus onboard credit just for coming along. COME ON - LET'S MAKE IT A PARTY! RESERVE NOW!
  11. I thought I'd share this very honest review by "Emma Cruises" on her YouTube channel, which echoes my sentiments just from her ship tour. Let me know what you think after watching the video. What I Hated and What I Loved about Scarlet Lady (Emma Cruises)
  12. Would love to, it sounds amazing! But our Crazies Viking cruise is eating up my budget.🤣
  13. She’s adorable! And a horror movie - wow! 👍 She could be another Jamie Lee Curtis, who got her big break in a horror flick! That’s awesome, and as horror movies scare me, too, hopefully I’ll open one eye to catch her!😄
  14. Welcome, and thanks for sharing. Your tour sounds amazing! You mention an interest in Greece. A few of us here are cruising Viking Ocean to the Mediterranean from Athens to Venice, including Greece and Croatia, in May of 2021. You should join us! 🙂🛳 Check out the info here:
  15. Sorry to hear about the bronchitis, Keith. What a nasty way to end a cruise.😕 I had it too for 3 weeks after Christmas, and so many I know are just getting over it. No fun! It’s probably a good thing that you canceled your upcoming cruise while your stepdad deals with health issues. He’ll need family and friends nearby to help him through. How exciting for your granddaughter! Let me know when and what show so I can look for her.🙂
  16. @KeithnRita A very belated WELCOME BACK from your most recent cruise on Carnival Glory. I follow your amazing journeys on FB, of course, but just wanted to pop in and say I hope it was awesome! Feel free to post a few pics or a few words about your experience. Can’t wait to see where you’re headed next!🛳🙂🏖
  17. @Ginnywop1 Wishing you and your group sunny skies and calm seas as you sail away on Carnival Horizon next week!🛳😎🏖 Be sure to tell us all about it when you return!
  18. Desperate situations call for desperate measures!😄 Other reports mentioned they ordered 2 cases, and this was just the first drop. Cheers!😎👍🛳🍷🍷🍷🍷
  19. Congratulations on your upcoming cruise. My advice is to keep updated on the cruise line alerts and the CDC Coronavirus website, and don’t let the media reports scare you. You’re in the penalty phase of your booking now, so ask yourself can you tolerate the money you may lose if you cancel. I am cruising in March, too (Baja, Mexico), although I don’t have kids traveling with me to worry about. I plan on going, taking all the necessary precautions, and will hope for the best. With all the many, many ships sailing without issue, chances are good that you’ll be fine. But it would all depend on your comfort level, and only you can make that decision.🙂
  20. People seem to love them or hate them. Cruisers are attracted to their low prices. Complaints revolve around their slow service in the dining rooms, unfriendly staff, and terrible customer service from the MSC phone reps. They also need to improve their technology. From a TA point of view (my own observations), their booking system and guest invoices are convoluted and not user friendly. To be fair, the unfriendly staff reports could be based on the fact that they are a European cruise line with European customs, and the staff may simply be following their ways of not bothering the clients unless requested. Same thing with dining. European meals take hours and they are not rushed, and the cruise ships, at least the ones in Europe, tend to follow this trend. I do understand that the ships that are home ported in the US do appeal to the US way of cruising and are making improvements in some areas. I have clients cruising them in a week, and I’ll follow up with a report.
  21. Oh what the heck, I’ll take the $240,000 owner’s suite. If I could afford a luxury world cruise, why not go for it all!
  22. I’m glad to hear the man was okay. It’s fortunate that the cruise lines can rely on airlifts to transport passengers in distress. It also stresses the importance of travel insurance with med evac included. Medical evacuation from ship to shore can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so be sure to consider a plan with good med evac coverage.🙂
  23. MSC has been growing in popularity over the last few years, thanks to the Seaside arriving in the US and their attractive pricing. But 6,761 passengers? How big is big enough? Really, bigger isn’t always better.
  24. I give these crew members a lot of credit. I can’t imagine being far away from home for months at a time without seeing my family. Crew that I’ve spoken with rely on FaceTime and Skype to keep in touch. The waitress that said Sleeping Pills? How does she wake up and go to work without being groggy? I would tell her to replace them with an eye mask and earplugs.🙂
  25. That was the biggest complaint in all the reviews I read about the Queen Mary docked as a hotel in Long Beach - the rust! Even after the money poured in to restore it, it looks like they still have a lot of work to do to make it appealing for the average hotel guest.
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