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    Caribbean - Western
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    panama, costa rica, eastern carr. canada, colombia, belize, roatan, cozumel, tortola, barbados, st maartin, st thomas, bahamas,Antiqua and many others
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  1. we are currently booked on the Carnival Sensation Jan 5th 2019 going to Amber Cove and Grand Turk 3 ladies anyone interested in going in with us to rent a cabana by the pool in amber cove
  2. ANY others going on this Halloween cruise with us out of Charleston!?
  3. Waiting on the BC7 cruise to drop prices its been at 1707 for a oceanview for 3 weeks for the 3 of us, we did get back 40.00 on the price, but looking for deeper discounts, this is a very hot cruise, so not sure if its going to drop anymore and if it does I will be jumping into a bacony cabin if available.
  4. i have cabin door posters 11" x 17" available for this cruise 2 different ones one mentioning the monkey head group the other without but mentioning the BC7 cruise
  5. Thank you!! and hope you all have a good time on your upcoming cruises!!!
  6. this is a group tour I have going if anyone is interested!! I have it listed under group tours ( fran evans peachcrek sunshine) you will recieve a 5% dicount if we go over 16 in our group the all incluisive include full open bar, fresh food, made to order and round trip transportation free WIFI, it is a private villa hotel resort there are only 4 rentals on the property so there will be no crowds. it is a hidden gem in the jungle so to say, read the reviews on tripadvisor and other boards before you decide if you are looking for a piece of paradise this is the place to be the price is $75.00 p/p adults children are lower price. you will recieve the 5% discount after the stay it will be a charge back, only if we have a 16 group count the deposit is small 20.00 p.p also they have just a beachday/ pool pkg at a lower price if you are not interested in the all incluisive it is also avalailble on my group listing in the top left corner of the page when you reserve, why not join us !! http://www.roatanforaday.com
  7. Hi I am new here came from another site decided to move my roll call from it we are on the Sunshine if you are joining us please respond would like to get a party going!!!
  8. Hi new to this site and trying to find others interested in joining our meet and greet we are having a cocktail party meet and greet!!!! for more info post and I will send info to you I can also be reached by email
  9. Hey peachcrek, welcome aboard! :)

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