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  1. Hey....from one Jan to another, we seem to think alike. I too am taking one black chiffon skirt and two tops.....and I am putting alot of our clothes in plastic bags to prevent wrinkles. I have bought the travel size Downy Wrinkle Release too! A double ankle fracture...Wow, that sounds soooo painful. So sorry about that, but it does make the shoe packing decisions easier now, huh? ONE CHECK-IN BAG??......SERIOUSLY? I'd only be able to stay a couple of days!!....LOL. Very good points on the carry-on bag though.....I am doing that, in fact it is ready to go, except for that bikini.....that ship has sailed!....Ha... The wedding gown over the bride's shoulder....now that must have been a sight. Yikes....that must have looked like they were in a mad hurry! Thanks and I will talk to you when we return. So nice to meet all of you on here! Jan
  2. Hi GottaCruz......I am so excited that I can't even sleep. At this point, we have about 5 days and I am counting the minutes. Glad that the line dancers had such a great time. It must be awesome! Yes, the packing is fraught with decisions and changes and multiple list making. I am just like you.....in that I always go with that saying, "Just in case"......or "what IF I need it?" We raised 7 children and I couldn't go out the door without a huge bag of "What IFS"......I guess I never got over that. I will definitely let you all know about this very special first cruise. Thanks so much for responding. I soooo appreciate that! Jan
  3. Thanks DebbieandJerry.....Lots of great tips there. I can go with nearly everything except the shoe limitations.....shoes are my definite weakness. If I have them, I'm gonna take 'em. I may be sorry, but my feet will be well dressed...at least...LOL. I do appreciate you taking the time and for the well wishes on this very first cruise. When we return, I will fill you in on our impression of our week at sea. I am sure that it will be indescribable in so many ways, from what I am hearing. Jan
  4. Well, we are just a few days out now from our very first cruise...EVER! Allure of the Seas....02/03/13. All the docs are in, online check-in is done, show reservations are made, pre-and post-cruise hotels booked, passports and I.D's are in hand.....and multiple packing lists have been written and re-written.......and at this point, my biggest dilemma is this...... HOW THE HECK DO I GET ALL OF MY CLOTHES, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES TO FT. LAUDERDALE WITHOUT PAYING LUGGAGE OVERAGE FEES....LOL. I WANT TO TAKE IT ALL AND CAN'T DECIDE WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME. I know...I know. You are all saying...."Seriously, what is up with her?" "Doesn't she know that she won't need or be able to wear all of that?" Well....the answer is.... Yes, I do know all of that, but I tend to dress based on my mood and how do I know what mood I'll be in on any given day of the cruise. And....from this vantage point, I actually see me wearing it all, but not all of my perceptions have played out realistically....LOL. The thing is.....I find that the planning and packing part of trips are a very big part of the fun......BUT.....I do need to temper my propensity for over-stuffing 3 pieces of mid-grade Samsonite. My friends in cruising......Please.......TALK ME DOWN! Thanks for listening to a first timer cruiser! (Sorry....but the writer always comes out in me...) Jan
  5. Anyone going on the Allure? This will be our very first cruise and we are very excited.....only waited decades to do this! Let me know if you are going or if you have sailed this beautiful ship. Tips would be so great!! Thanks, Jan
  6. Nice to meet you, Michael and Amy.....and Howard and Cindy. Thanks very much for the welcomes. There are only 78 more days to wait until our very first cruise....and that will be on the Allure of the Seas out of Ft. Lauderdale. I am so excited and have been doing alot of shopping getting the clothes that we will need. I have our shows all reserved and we are looking forward to a great week of entertainment, fun and making memories. Would love to hear any tips that you may have for first-timers. Amy and Michael....we lived in Winter Haven for awhile, as we both worked at WDW....and Howard and Cindy...we have family in Pa. In fact, we were there twice this summer. Mechanicsburg....Harrisburg. We saw Gettysburg while we were there....just a wonderful and awe inspiring experience. We love Pa. It's a very beautiful state...to be sure. Hope to hear from all of you.....thanks again.
  7. So glad to hear that the Allure was so wonderful. My husband and I will be sailing on 02/03/2013 (our very first cruise....for our 48th anniversary. We are so excited!
  8. We will be sailing on Feb 3, 2013....our very first cruise and we are in our 60's.....we are over the top to sail on the Allure of the Seas....for our first ever cruise. Anyone else sailing that cruise?
  9. Hi there, My husband and I are seniors and are soon to be first time cruisers. Sailing on RCI Allure of the Seas...Eastern Caribbean. Nice to meet all of you and I hope to talk with you and especially first timers like us who may be on our ship on that sailing. I would love tips about dining and booking shows and anything else you'd care to share with us newbies. Thanks so much!!
  10. Hey dooney, welcome aboard! :)

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