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  1. Good morning, friends! Jen and I got back home late last night. I'm still super exhausted, but wanted to check in and let you know we made it home safe. It was a beautiful trip, although a bit different than expected, but we made the best of it all and had a wonderful time. We got a call Sunday morning, the first full day of our cruise, letting us know that Jen's mom took a turn for the worse. Our hope was that she would last until our return, but unfortunately, Donna passed away Monday afternoon while we were on our way to our first stop, Honduras. We spent the rest of Monday making calls, pondering what we should do, and mourning our loss. Jen and I, and the rest of her family, decided Jen should finish her trip. Her support system from home was amazing, and her boys told her to enjoy herself as much as she could, and they would be fine. It really was a beautiful trip. Not the party hard type of adventure we planned, but we both were wrapped up in the beauty of it all. I personally saw the Caribbean from a much different point of view this time and it honestly brought me closer to God. At every turn, when we thought we were seeing the most beautiful of God's creations, we saw something even more beautiful. The most beautiful thing on this trip ended up being our friendship. I was so proud of how strong Jen was through this horrible loss. She's home now and dealing with all that comes with the loss of her mother, but my hope is that she is regenerated and ready to do what she needs to do to find closure. I'm going to rest up and attempt to find the cord to my camera so I can upload some pics for you. My son is on his way over with my dogs and my grandson. I am over the moon excited to see them all. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  2. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! The nails and toes are done, the hair is cut and colored, and.....well, that's about it. My plans for the weekend changed a bit. I ended up having CJ for the night last night. I am pooped. No packing has been started in this house. When he left at 5, I fell onto my bed. I can't even muster up enough energy for a decent dinner. I had Triscuits and hummus. LOL Still, I had a wonderful time with him. He is so ornery, but I am more ornery. I get more exercise when I have him over than I do when I go to the gym. So I will be doing my packing the next three evenings after work. No biggie. All is purchased and I know where everything is. Andi, I hope your cruise is a blast! Jen and I are still bouncing off the walls with excitement. I visited her mom, Donna, on Saturday between errands and she is very excited for us. Four more work days.....and Jen is sick. I told her to take care of it NOW!
  3. Hi again! Jen's mom, Donna, had a good day today. She is back at her care home and in a private room. She eats very little pureed food, but at least she's getting some nourishment. Logically I know that once a person gets to a certain point at the end of their life, hunger is not an issue, but I still worry about it often. Jen visited her after work this evening and they were watching a game show where two best friends won a Caribbean vacation together. Donna looked at Jen and told her she and I would have a wonderful time on our trip. When Jen told me, I teared up. Donna knows Jen needs this. We're starting to check weather forecasts now. I love traveling to the tropics in January or February because I love the feeling of leaving Kansas when it's cold and going somewhere warm for a bit. Well, it appears we will be leaving 60ish degree weather next week. Oh well, no one will be living in summer dresses with the sun beating down on them in Kansas, right? Jan, congratulations on the new grandbaby. My CJ brings me so much happiness. I can only imagine a second will be heavenly. He's doing well these days. Ornery as ever, of course, but that doesn't bother me a bit. His new thing is putting his fingers in his ears when his mom is trying to tell him something. I have no idea where he learned that, but it makes me laugh. Cathy, not so much. I woke up this morning with tummy issues and a low grade temp. I took the day off as all of us at the office are very much against going to the office with a temp, even if it is low grade. Plus, I am trying so hard to avoid all the yuckies right now because I do not want to be ill on my vacation. While at home, not feeling too bad after taking some Imodium, I ended up getting my laundry done, which I should have done over this past weekend. It always feels really good when all the laundry is washed, folded, and put away. Perhaps my tummy issues have to do with nerves because I didn't get all I wanted to get done. I figure if that is what my tummy issues are about, I might as well take advantage of the extra time at home and get some stuff done. I hate to admit it's been a while since I've seen the bottom of my laundry hamper. Tomorrow evening Jen and I are meeting for mani/pedis. I'm looking forward to the girlie time. Saturday I will finally get the haircut and color I've been needing for weeks, and then Sunday I will start packing. It's all coming together.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm happy to report that I am finally feeling human again. I have so much to do, and this weekend is the last one before our trip. I planned to get my hair cut and colored and my nails done this past weekend and was unable to do it because I was working on a plumbing issue I have. I made the mistake, because I had no idea it was a bad thing, of putting potato peels down my garbage disposal and my sink has a VERY slow drain. Ugh! A friend of mine is coming over sometime this week to get it fixed. Donna, Jen's mom, is stable again. I believe she had Jen sign the papers today to get her set up for hospice care. She needs to be made comfortable now. She had lots of family come in for visits over the weekend and Jen said she had a rough time watching them all say goodbye on Sunday knowing it was the last time they would see her before her funeral. Again, words cannot express how proud I am of the strength Jen has shown through this. She's amazing and it honors me to be, not only a friend to her, but a sister as well. We've had some nice sunshine the past two days but the wind has been brutal and cold. I am SO ready to get to the islands. Heck, I'll be happy once I get south of Dallas. Haha!
  5. Jan, I'm happy to hear about your positive prognosis regarding your operation. I can only imagine how painful that has been for you. Make sure you continue taking care of yourself. Your boss sounds like a real douche. Sorry, not sorry. Cruisetarp, Andi, Shari, thank you all for the kind words regarding Jen. She's being so strong. Stronger than I ever was and I only dealt with my mom's diagnosis to her death for four months. Jen's been doing this for over two years. I can't even imagine how tired she is. Tomorrow evening Jen and I are going to a Shocker game. I'll be sure to get a picture of the two of us to share. She's never been and I didn't realize it! I am SHOCKED! I worked at Wichita State for years, so I've been to tons of games. I haven't been to a game since they went to the Sweet Sixteen several years ago. Tickets aren't so easy to come by these days. Some friends of mine have season tickets, but the game is at 8pm, which is too late for their boys, so they offered two of their tickets to me. We are so excited! Go Shox!!! Jen and I leave in 17 days. I've got all my lists together, most things are purchased, and I have a hankerin' to pull the luggage out. I will try to hold off until the weekend before we leave so I have something to do to keep myself busy other than cleaning. I hope you all are staying warm. We had a beautiful weekend and it's been cold the past couple of days. The snow storm missed us last night, but we did get a really nice thunderstorm that resulted in me getting a really good night's sleep.
  6. Yes, today Jen is really focused on the cruise. She will find a balance, I'm sure, but I know it is hard. I base my excitement off her right now. I'm bouncing off the walls, but don't want to rub her wrong if she's feeling down due to the upcoming loss of her mother. I've been there. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2006. She lived here with me. Very rough summer. I really appreciate the kind words and prayers for Jen. Donna has been part of my life for 30 years. Always the second mom in my life. It's devastating, for sure.
  7. Thanks again for all the well wishes. I am feeling human again and will try to avoid sickies for the next THREE WEEKS! Yes, our cruise is in 21 days. We are definitely bouncing off the walls. Jen has had a rough time of it lately. She cares for her mother, who has just been diagnosed with ALS. It's a late diagnosis and she is bad. The prognosis is that she only has one to six months to live. Her mom's health has been diminishing for over two years and Jen is exhausted. She has called in her brothers to help with her mom while we are away. She's in a care home now, but Jen spends lots of time there while working full-time, maintaining a home, and taking care of her two sons. She deserves this trip and I'm hoping all will work out for her to have a great time. If you think about it, and you are so inclined, would you all please add Jen and her family to your list of prayers? It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm happy to report that the cleaning out of the junk drawer went very well. I'm guessing it hadn't been cleaned since we moved into this house the Summer of 2001. There were items in that drawer that went to things we haven't owned in years. Truth be told, it's almost empty now. Haha! The best part about it is that I can put the flashlight in there without issue with it sticking up too far so as to keep the drawer from closing. Also, a nice, convenient place for my dog brushes. Yay!
  9. Funny story for cruisetarp; I woke up really early this morning and hung out in the kitchen for a bit while the coffee was brewing. I looked around and noticed my junk drawer. I've mentally scheduled to clean that junk drawer out tomorrow. I will let you know how that goes. :)
  10. I really appreciate all the well-wishes. Thank you all! I missed Tuesday and Wednesday from work last week. I returned to the office on Thursday and wasn't feeling super bad, but I was a bit tired still. By the end of the day on Friday I was a run down mess. I skipped my regular visit with CJ and went home. I drugged myself up again and slept the entire weekend. I have a vague memory of watching the Chiefs lose to the Patriots and the Shockers win their game on Sunday. Very vague actually, because I was doped up all weekend. Monday morning I was back in the office, but the congestion was bad, and had moved into my chest by then. A co-worker tossed a couple pills at me. I took one at 9am and took another at 1pm and managed to get through the day with a little bit of energy. I immediately asked what I took and went to Walgreen's and picked up some Mucinex D and some more NyQuil. I've been on Mucinex D twice daily and NyQuil at night and am doing much better. I'm dealing with lots of drainage now, but that's a good thing and I finally feel human again. I will keep this up until the end of the week and if I'm not able to stop using the meds by then, I will be going to immediate care. I really feel like I'm going to kick it though! There is a ton of nasty stuff going around, so everyone take care of yourself. Also, make sure you're drinking tons of water and getting plenty of rest. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. :)
  11. Good morning! Unfortunately I've had the crud this week. I've slept so much, but am still feeling the need to sleep more, so I'll be laying down again as soon as I finish this post. Go Chiefs! Thirty five more days to go. I'm ready. I hope this finds you all doing well. I'm hoping to get all this crud past me so I have an uncongested vacation.I realize my last few posts have offered no real thought, and I apologize for that. I will be better soon. I promise. I still love reading all your posts though.
  12. Cruisetarp, CJ is so just do darned cute right now. I can't even stand how adorable he is. I hope his cuteness stays with him for years and years and years. Oh, and I wish I had half of his energy. Just half. That's not asking too much, right?!??! Haha! Hi Ray! Jen is my BFF of thirty years. I spent NYE with her and her boyfriend. Chase and Cathy stayed home and celebrated NY. Chase is my son and Cathy is my DIL. ;)
  13. Hi Andi! We actually have a friend who has a daughter who inherited a villa in Cabo with her four brothers. It was demolished by a hurricane a while back and renovations were slow due to so much construction going on on the island. Apparently the renovations are complete now and per my boss, it is phenomenal. I cannot wait to visit!
  14. I put my boss on a plane to Cabo so she could ring in the new year with Sammy Hagar. I curse her. I spent NYE with Jen and her new beau. It was very nice of them to include me in their evening, but I definitely shot off to another part of the venue when midnight came. I didn't want to impede on their time. Of course, it wasn't but two minutes later that Jen was hunting me down. She's my girl and I'm blessed to have her in my life. Last night CJ stayed the night. We had snacks and played with toys and yammered into the evening. He wore me out and we were in bed just after nine. I've been up an hour or so, and I'm in the process of making deviled eggs while piddling around in the kitchen. CJ is stirring, but I hope he has at least another hour of sleep in him or so. Happy New Year, friends!
  15. I've continued my research at each port and we have finally decided on an excursion. We will be going to Mr. Sanchos Beach Club in Cozumel. For $55 each we will have all-inclusive access to their beach, menu, and bar. We also found out you can get a 30-minute massage on the beach for $35, so that will be happening as well. We will totally get our monies worth on this little excursion we booked outside of Carnival. I am so excited about it! Have any of you been?
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