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  1. Hi Jason! Thanks So Much for the Welcome! I’ve been everywhere you mentioned, that’s what I do in between cruises. Glad you like my “neighborhood”. Lol I love the desert in the winter, but actually prefer Florida’s hot weather and humidity! Be ready for HOT weather next month, for sure! Sea Ya Around The Desert?!?! A.J.
  2. Nice going! Keep booking! ? Virgin Voyages will be sailing beginning in 2020, building her now. Itineraries are not known yet, but the ship will be sailing out of the Port of Miami. They are accepting deposits for future bookings. The verdict is still in limbo about the Celebrity Edge, so please return and report! Viking River Cruises depends on itinerary, let us know where, or if you want any suggestions. Great to Sea Ya Cruising, A.J.
  3. Hello, and thanks for the welcome! Definitely am blessed and humbled by my cruising record. I would be willing to answer any and all questions related to cruising, just bear in mind I’m brutally honest and opinionated! Lol Seriously, my current bucket list is to book a Virgin Voyages cruise in 2020. Sea Ya! A.J.
  4. I know! Just realized I have 4 cruises booked! Lol I’m definitely going to fit in!!!! ?
  5. Greetings Group! I’m a new member, but not new to cruising. Since I consider myself a “Cruise Crazy”, I had to join CruiseCrazies! Hope to “Sea Y’all Around” A.J.
  6. Jason

    Welcome, AJSW!  See you around!

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