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The Father and Son Secret Bond: Cruising

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There are many relationships we have in life that help us become the greatest individuals we can be. Sometimes it's a close friend that pushes us to go after a job we're on the fence about, a personal trainer who believes you can when you're ready to throw in the towel or even a sibling giving that "mark the calender because you'll never hear me say these words about you ever again" speech that shocks us all. But there is one relationship that is better than anything - the bond between a father and son! I know first-hand with the relationship I have with my father God and I've also seen it through those I know. I want to introduce you to my cruise industry/Twitter friend Michael and his son, Colton.

It was in 2004 when Colton took his first cruise with his dad at only 10 months young! He sailed aboard Carnival Miracle from the Port of Baltimore and since, Colton has 13 cruises under his belt (which is pretty impressive)! He and his dad use the high seas for bonding and fun father-son time... even though "Mom" tags along, too! They admitted to me in our interview that they don't get too rowdy on ships with random pillow fights or impromptu handstand contest in cabin hallways (but that doesn't mean they haven't thought of doing it - haha). They say it doesn't take much for them to enjoy each other as a family. Mike mentions getting breakfast together and having alone time are special, cherished times that never get rushed (they make certain of it). Colton's mom and Mike wife even chimes in with words about cruising as a family Steph says, "Having that time together allows us to focus on being together as a family without distractions." And as I always say, a cruising family is a happy family!


When I asked Mike if he had any advice for father-son relationships who also share a love for cruising, he responded by saying, "It sounds simple, but just getting alone time is special. Family time is great when we’re all together, but I really value the time he and I get to spend on our own on a cruise. We’ve carved out a routine of getting that time together each morning, but you could do it any time really." Hear that, y'all? Mike ain't say nothing about dropping off your kid with the youth counselors for the whole cruise! LOL I don't have a close relationship with my father, but I do have the best of relationships with my mother and cruising was the common ground that rooted and grew us into the amazing life we know now. So I truly get how the high seas is a special place for any parent and child.

Seeing families like Mike and Colton on the high seas gives me hope for our young people. We've got men like Mike raising their kids as a father should - with love, care and global awareness! It's truly great to expose children to the wonders of the world and cruising is the best way, in my opinion, to do just that! These amazing guys don't foresee they'll out-grow cruising with each other and I can agree with that! Why else would they break the bond they've loved since '04? Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter (@spridlewv) and check out his blog with many cruise updates! Keep cruising and grooving, y'all and don't stop enjoying each other! What an awesome family, right? Be sure to give yours the best you've got - show them love and always spend crazy times with them on a cruise!

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Good story, Shon...I remember the first time we brought, my then, 13-year-old daughter on a cruise on the "Norway." One day we were just standing and looking out to sea, and she looked at me and said, "thanks for taking me on the Norway" mom...she just loved it. We were able to take her on one more cruise, and she loved that, also. It is a great experience for the younger ones to cruise, and spend time with parents, and to see the world.

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