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So Where is this... "Eddie Murphy?"

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Happy Monday, everyone! How are ya cruising this week? I hope with smooth seas and cruisetacular weather! So let's get back to the story telling. I saw a few comments asking when I would get back to sharing some funny stories from the high seas and your wish is my command! This story comes from the 4th of July sailing I did on Norwegian Sky from Miami to the Bahamas last month.

Okay, I just woke up. Had breakfast (I didn't have to fight anyone for a cinnamon roll... this time - haha), got my tender number and was off the ship in record time. The water was a little choppy, but we made it into Great Stirrup Cay's (Norwegian Cruise Line's Private Island) harbor just fine. Like everyone else, I wanted to get a beach chair (and a really good one at that). I walked around for a while, surveyed the land and finally saw this spot that was full of trees, had decent shade, was close to the dance floor and I decided to POUNCE!

I begin walking over and that was when I was stopped by a random guy. He asked me, "Are you actor?" He had an accent I couldn't pick up on at that moment, but I just responded with a laugh and said I wasn't an actor. Well, then I set up shop at my beach chair, grab my sister Mia and we began doing some filming for my YouTube Channel. Things were going great until this guy came back over and said, "Well if you're not an actor, why do you have a camera and doing a video?" That was when I shared with him I was a travel writer and cruise blogger and video taping is an added thing with my gig.

He laughed it off, in disbelief it seemed, and then walked away. By this time I was a little hungry so I headed over to the pavilion for just a small snack (you know how it is when you cruise... you eat every 20 minutes). But while I was away, my sister told me that this same guy (pictured above with me and his girlfriend) came BACK and told my her, "It's okay to tell me if he's really an actor. I promise not to tell anyone - I know that's Eddie Murphy!" So I came back and he screams, "EDDIE!" I then laughed and told him I've been told I favor Eddie Murphy since I was in college but I'm promise I am not him! Honestly, I think it's just the mustache I rock that makes people have that "inkling" to assume I'm him in younger form.

Then the guy asked for a picture with me, pulled out HIS video camera and would not stop filming me when I joined in with the group line dances on the beach and he wouldn't let it go. He was truly a character and when he saw me roam around the ship he just began waving and laughing. I just laughed and shook my head. Now I get it. I favor the guy some (at least some people think so), but honestly, do you think I REALLY look like him? I mean to the point where you would do all this guy did? Anyway, this was another time in my life I was mistaken for Eddie. I'm gonna start wearing a donkey outfit and setting up a booth if this keeps up! LOL Keep cruising and grooving, y'all! Catch ya on the next update!

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