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Booked Direct with the Cruise Line? Transfer Your Booking to a Cruise Agent

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Has this happened to you? You book your cruise on-line directly with the cruise line. A few weeks later, you meet a travel agent, and you instantly strike up a bond. She's experienced, personable and seems to work hard to provide personalized service to her customers. Even better, she is prepared to offer you onboard credit, a bottle of wine and a free shore excursion. She also advises you of a myriad of ways to save money on your cruise and offers advice and tips on how to make your experience easy and enjoyable. For instance, she says she can save you money over the ship's excursion in St. Thomas by booking with a well-respected local tour guide. She recommends a quality discount hotel for a pre-cruise stay. You wonder to yourself - where was this Goddess of Cruise Planning when you started researching cruise vacation options?

Don't despair. Did you know that you can transfer your cruise booking from the cruise line to your friendly new agent? Well you absolutely can and should! In fact, to make things easy, you don't need to do a thing. The agent will take care of the whole process and assure that your booking stays exactly the same. Now you have a great agent, a great upcoming cruise and some added amenities. Your agent gets a well-deserved commission and everybody wins!

For more great reasons why you should choose a travel agent to handle your cruise, read my latest article: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Cruise.

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