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Shut Up and Pay Attention During the Muster Drill

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You might think that after the Costa Concordia tragedy in January 2012, people would have more respect for the muster drill. For the most part, on the majority of our cruises since that time, I have noticed an alertness among the passengers that wasn’t necessarily there before. Passengers WANT to know what to do in case of a ship emergency. Ships have stepped up their drills and passengers are paying attention.

At least that’s what I’d observed – until I boarded Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas last month. As we stood in our respective lines out on deck, I was stunned by the rudeness of others. While the captain’s voice came over the loudspeaker with detailed emergency instructions, people were thoughtlessly talking all around me, paying no attention whatsoever, and making it impossible to hear anything. I left the drill not knowing any more than I did when I arrived. Imagine how frustrating that would be for a first-time cruiser.

Fortunately, there are detailed instructions outlined in the cabin literature, as well, so it’s a good idea to review these with your cabin mates on the first day. However, there’s no substitute for a good visual presentation.

If you think you’ve experienced enough muster drills and are only there because it’s mandatory – like many of us, please at least have the common courtesy to remain quiet so your fellow cruisers – those who REALLY want to know the emergency procedures – will be able to listen to and hear the instructions.

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The only thing I did not like about our last cruise was the behavior of the crew member at our muster station. He acted like a drill Sgt. and really our group was quiet so I thought there was no need for this.

However if people were distracting others due to being too loud then do what you must to get their attention but don't but don't get bossy unless you have to.

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