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Cruising: 5 Reasons to Rise Before the Sun

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Sure, you're on vacation, but that doesn't mean you have to sleep the day away. You'll miss so much. Here are my five best reasons to force yourself out of bed before sunrise:

(1) View a breathtaking sunrise at sea; you'll forget all about how much you wanted to sleep in.

(2) Photograph nature in its best light. The natural lighting for taking photos is best early morning and just before sunset; this was especially true for the glaciers on our Alaska cruise and our cruise 2 years ago around the British Isles.

(3) Photograph highlights of the ship without the unwanted crowds; you will impress your friends back home, who will wonder if you had the whole ship to yourself!

(4) Enjoy the ocean view without distraction. No announcements, no blaring movie screen, rock music or chatty people - just you and Mother Nature.

(5) Have a leisurely breakfast and coffee before the mad dash, with first dibs at the food.

Photo: Bahama Sunrise, Disney Magic (J. Neves)

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