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What is your favorite port to LEAVE?



So there have been a lot of magical sail aways ports...

Venice, Antigua, Auckland, Messina, Athens, Singapore, and probably even more that I haven't done yet.

Today I wanted to talk about Sydney Australia. I have sailed away at this port over 30 times and it is always something amazing... Going under the Sydney Harbour bridge and passing the opera house. I posted a couple of cool video of the experience...

Before you take a look at those, I would just love to know which are your favorite ports to sail away from?

This one is edited




this one is an actual 360 video that you can move your cursor or phone around and see it like it is.





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Have never sailed in and out of Australia...would love to someday.  Loved the video! My favorite ports to sail in and out of are Hawaii, especially Maui...love Maui!

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