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"We love the Fascination. We look forward to sailing her again when the opportunity arises."


Sail Date:06/04/2005
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


We've been on the Fascination several times already, but I just realized I never wrote a review on this ship.

We always have a wonderful time on every cruise. Just being on board a ship and breathing in that ocean air is a great feeling.

Since all of our 24 cruises have been aboard Carnival, I am not in the position to compare this line with any other. All I can say is that the Fascination definitely delivers on what we are looking for in a 3 day cruise.


The food was excellent. We went to the dining room the first night and I had shrimp cocktail and lobster. Both were absolutely delicious. I just wish that they would bring the red cocktail sauce with the shrimp. I always request it when I place my order but for some reason , it never comes with the shrimp and you have to wait a bit for it. Seems like it must be a precious commodity that they keep locked in a vault somewhere on the ship. Anyway, the dinner was fabulous.The second and third nights we ate at the buffet. One night was fish and I can't remember the other night but we were very happy with the meals on the Lido deck. Our friends enjoyed the pastrami and corned beef sandwiches from the deli since they didn't want the fish. Of course, the salad bar was fresh and the pasta always good. I can't fill you in on breakfasts since we skip that meal. We wake up late, head to the gym and then go straight to lunch. Lunches were excellent with lots of choices. Our friends who were with us, who have been sailing Royal Carib. for years since one of them was an RC employee, said there were so many more lunch choices on Carnival. She was amazed that on both sides of the LIdo, there were different choices instead ot the same things on both sides of the ship. Between the hot enrees, the pasta, the salad bar, the deli , the pizzeria which is open 24 hours ,and the grill serving hamburgers, hot dogs, etc., you can not go hungry. This time the corned beef was exceptional and being originally from New York, we are very fussy about our corned beef and pastrami. The tuna at the deli is also the best. Although there was a midnight buffet all three nights, we just attended the 2nd night when they had the deck party. They served tacos , among many other items.


I love musicals and I love watching the dancers. The shows were all excellent. Even though we see the same show every time we've been on this ship, I enjoy them all over again. The costumes, the music is great. Each time, they add something to the show or change it or the costumes a bit. Those performers work very hard and it really shows.

The port

Well, this was the first cruise in which we did not leave the ship. Wayne just wanted to relax and have the jacuzzi to himself. We have been to the straw market many times and actually enjoyed the nice, quiet pool deck.

The cabin

The steward was great - the cabin was immaculate and we never even saw him. Last time aboard the Fascination, we didn't get the towel animals but this time we did. Those new duvet covers are fabulous. You feel like you're sleeping in a cloud. Love them.

This was a nice , relaxing weekend for us. We always did 7 day cruises and didn't want to be bothered packing and all for only 3 days. However, several cruises ago, we tried this and now we look at it as a quick getaway for the weekend. Just a lot of r &r. Of course, since we're only 40 minutes from the port, it is very easy for us. We are also able to get on at the last minute. Another advantage of living here in South Florida.

We love the Fascination. We look forward to sailing her again when the opportunity arises. If anyone has any specific questions about this ship, please feel free to post them.


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