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"Food- Good<br />Cabin- Excellent<br />Service-Excellent<br />Excursions-Excellent<br />Entertainment-Good<br />Cruise Director, Mark-Excellent"


Sail Date:03/27/2004
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


My DH drove us to Port Canaveral, traffic into the drop-off area was pretty jammed, it seemed both Disney and Carnival cruisers were using the same lanes. Anyhow, once dropped off we were very pleasantly surprised to see there was no waiting on line for check-in (about 11 am)...right up to a very friendly agent who did our paperwork quickly and we were on the ship in no time flat. I think we actually got on faster this time than last year when we had the pleasure of the "Skipper's Club" priority check-in.

The ship:

Carnival Glory is beautiful. The decor is modern with the theme of "colors". The lounges had different color names e.i. Turquiose lounge, Green room, Golden diningroom, etc. Being a new ship everything was is tip-top shape. The casino is beautiful.

Our Cabin:

We booked a Cat. 9A aft port-side (7440). It's one of those odd shaped cabins kind of on the corner of the back of the ship,(only sleeps 2 max.) the best part is this particular type of cabin had a huge wrap-around balcony! We just love that.

Sat 3/27:

My son ,KJ, and I didn't waste anytime...he got his soda card and I got my drink special of the day in the fancy glass! We were told our cabin would not be ready till 1:00 so we got a bite to eat and explored a bit. Got into our cabin at 1:00 unpacked quickly and off again for the sail-away party on the Lido deck. Had a great first night, won $65 in the slots! KJ met a bunch of teens to party with. (he stayed out later than I did!)

Sun.- Port of Call Key West:

Arrived at noon...you have to take a trolley (provided by Carnival) to the town. We we arrive at Mallory Square my DH called me on my cell to ask how we were doing and where exactly we were, we have all been there before so when I told him we were up in the big tower that overlooks the Square he said look toward a certain area....well, I looked and there he was!!!! After dropping us off at Port Canaveral he and my cousin drove down to meet up with us the next day (about a six hour drive) They drove down in my new convertible so we all hopped in and toured around the Keyes.....It was great!! He's a sweetie!

Mon- Fun day at Sea:

Beautiful weather the whole trip. I got to be a judge for the "Men's Hairy-Chest Comp."..LOL!! The only thing that annoys me is "Lounge-chair HOGS". Even thought I was just one person, I had a difficult time finding a lounge chair anywhere close to the pool. As always chairs were marked saved when no one sat on them for hours!!! ERRRR...Oh well, I had a drink and didn't let it bother me..LOL.


We took a wonderful snorkeling excursion on a catamaran! They anchored after about an half-an-hour ride, we all snorkeled and they relaxed on a tiny island where they served drinks, rum-punch, sodas. Back on the catamaran for the ride back they kept the rum punch flowing and the music playing, we danced,sang and had a blast!! I can't say enough about that excursion....it was the best! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and beautiful new and clean boat with bathrooms! Took a nap on the Lido deck when we returned..(Too much rum punch..LOL) I spoke to a lady that evening that had done the Belize City Tour and she said it was depressing and not interesting.


Up early for Beginner's Scuba Excursion; it was great, again great people running it, had a place to leave your stuff, bathrooms, food etc. Awesome.. and KJ really loved it. We all plan on getting certified real soon.


We took our time get off the ship and then did a little shopping just at the stores right at the dock. Progresso has a huge long pier and you have to take a bus into the town which we didn't bother to do this year. It was very nice to slow down a bit after the past two days of getting up early and heading out on excursions.

Fri.-Fun day at Sea:

Just that...a fun day, hanging by the pool, meeting people, won a trophy at a trivia contest! Skipped dinner that night...too much fun on deck!

Sat.-Debarkation at Port Canaveral:

We were told that there was a problem because the terminal had lost all power and of course would hold up the process, which it did. But those things happen so we just waited, KJ ran around saying good-bye and exchanging emails and phone numbers with all the kids he met. It did take quite a long time to finally get off and through customs and all, and I was tired, maybe a bit cranky..LOL

To sum it up:

Food- Good

Cabin- Excellent




Cruise Director, Mark-Excellent

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Hope this wasn't too long!!


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