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"Ship is gorgeous and would do Costa again Will they do right by me? Hope so !! Fun cruise fun ship. Enjoyed Italian style!!!"


Sail Date:01/03/2005
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


After all our misery with US air -25, hour wait at airport after cancellation of our flight . Arguing to get out in time for our ship ( all flights booked thru Costa)which we did miss

Total lack of co-operaation or care from US air staff (including LILIANE a superviser who walked out on me because she was tired !! like we weren't ???)re hotel and food vouchers ,we did arrive in Cozumel via Chicago on United the following day and were greeted by a Costa REp who took us to a litle hotel called Casa del Mar .

Costa covered hotel but no food so I sent my bills to them to get a refund . We will see how they handle this. I was travelling with my 2 boys 10 & 13 so providing meals for all of us should not have been a stretch

After a long wait at the dock in Cozumel with all our luggage the following day a purser did finally come and get us and we did board . A very pleasant purser Rafael from Brazil on ship took care of us and continued to do so for the rest of the cruise!!! Finally got to our cabin and rushed out to enjoy Chankannab .

We booked a balcony cabin (Obstructed ) but loved the sound of waves and seabreeze every night -kept door wide open .Balconies are the best -I wish they were always cheap!!! Highly recommended!!!

Food and srevice was quite adequate and always plentiful with various juices during the day and at Night very well presented and quite good. Waiters were polite - quick to change courses if not to one's taste. Lamb and lobster were A-1 and my boys loved the steaks.Portions small -but since choices were limitless -less waste. Midnight buffets AMazing in size -display -and variety

Entertainment was charming -very saltimboca-. One night there were 4 Mediteranean shows in different lounges and you needed a passport to go from one to the other -felt like a scavenger hunt -very different very enjoyable . A buffet of the regions presented followed for those hungry- not us we chose late dining . Atmosphere in dining room was like an Italian wedding every night -even had a candlelit dinner once!! Waiters sang and danced for us every night -Great Fun !!!

Stops in Cozumel and Grand Cayman . Chankanaab has great snorkelling take a cab pay fee and snorkel -BRING WATER SHOES SHARP ROCKS TO ENTER Go see dolphin show

Grand Cayman -go to Stingray city - what lovely soft friendly creatures - a real thrill .Try Captain Marven 2 blocks from dock . Nice friendly people.34$ 2 stops

Ocho Rios - Falls are slippery Kids went- I did not and could have skipped the whole thing . Pushy vendors -Left early - Not impressed

Would have preferred another stop .

Shopping on board different because of Italian goods-bought most gifts on board.

Overall not bad cruise will have better and accurate opinion of Costa if I get a refund for expenses and compensation for our 25 hour ride from hell with US air and discount on next one . After all we missed 2,5 days out of seven. If they were responsible and compensatory I would highly recommend this company .

We will see!!!! Time will tell

Toga party is a hoot and super fun on last night . They give the sheets so less to pack at last minute.. Disembarkation was organized and relativelly quick except for customs who took their sweet time. Airport was a madhouse -flight on time this time with US air again -no food available not even to buy!!!

HOW CHEAP CAN YOU GET!!!I will not willingly fly with US AIR EVER AGAIN!!! Is it a wonder theses guy's are going under. With such crappy service I'm surprised they are still around. What a rinky -Dinky company. They should teach their agents people skills if they hope to survive.

Ship is gorgeous and would do Costa again Will they do right by me? Hope so !!

Fun cruise fun ship .Enjoyed Italian style!!!


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