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  1. :grin: Anything with Barcardi Limon works great for me! Thanks!
  2. Oh my! Just noticed I haven't updated my signature in a while. I'll get to that now.
  3. TERM!.....TOM!....BONBON!.....SELENA!....JANET THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! (I tried to insert a kitty cat smiley here, but it doesn't work. :undecided: )
  4. Hellooooo And good night everyone![/FONT]
  5. Hiya Jennifer! Yes..I did get your Christmas card. Thanks! Cute picture of your babies. I sent you an email.
  6. Term... Sorry bout missing you in chat. I had the chat open, but it was hidden behind another open window It would be nice if the chat made some sort of sound when someone came in the room, or when someone types a response.
  7. Cruisinmama...Thanks for the welcome! Hi Sue (Suzila). I'm also 45 minutes from the port, but I'm east...Chino. I'll be on Carnival's Paradise the weekend of March 31. When in March are you going on the Carnival Baja cruise? I see your ticker, but I'm too lazy to figure out the date....LOL (I haven't figured out how to add a countdown to my signature yet so I just have the dates listed)
  8. Hmmm...no. Maybe you have to make sure you are signed in. Then go to this forum and then click on the chat room link on the right side of this forum.
  9. Good afternoon y'all! Do you all know how to access "go to last unread post"? When I click on that it takes me to the last page...not the last unread post. Also...as far as the chat goes...."giggi chat"? Is that the only chat there is? Seems like whenever I go there, I am the only person in there. Am I just always missing people? Or is there another chat room out there that I'm missing? Dang....as I was writing this, I did a quick check of the chatroom and I see that I missed Adam. So I guess that answered my question.
  10. We have a tradition that our tree has to be down "before the new year"...so it always gets taken down before or on New Years Eve. I don't know why, but that was my parents tradition, and I've kept it going. I'm a big cat collector and many of my decorations are cat oriented. Coincidently...my husband's name is Ken too....and he feels the same way...Keep the cat things out of the bedroom...LOL
  11. Yes...they do make tinsel, although its getting harder and harder to find. We still put it on our real tree every year. I don't do themes. All of our ornaments mean something to us. We have a lot of ornaments from our travels...cruises and land vacations...and every year I give my daughters a new ornament that reflects their interests. When they were little it was soccer, cheerleading...that sort of thing. Now that they are older, its harder because they aren't "into" anything specific. My oldest has moved out and taken some of her ornaments with her, but she's kept most of them here because she is big on tradition and family.
  12. HI! I just joined and I can already tell this is going to be a great website to belong to. :grin: I live in sunny Southern California. Since my husband & I started cruising in 1983 we have been on many cruises. (See my signature.) Half of them have been the 3 night weekend cruises down to Ensenada Mexico. We live about 45 minutes to the port of L.A., so for us, its better than a trip to Vegas. My husband likes to gamble and I like to just wander the ship or relax. But at night, you will find me in the disco til the wee hours. So its the best of everything for both of us. We have 2 daughters, ages 20 & 25. When our daughters were little, we would cruise without them, and then do a family vacation (DisneyWorld, Hawaii, RV'ing, etc.) with them. We finally took them on their first cruise 10 years ago, and from that point on, instead of "where are we going on our vacation this year?"...it became "what cruise are we going on this year?" So, they are hooked just as much as we are! We are a cruisin family! Hmm..,maybe I should change my screen name to "cruisinfamily"...LOL Nahhh...I'll keep MszKitty. Besides cruising I love cats (I only have one, although I used to have 4). Anyway...thats a little about me.
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