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  3. I agree, I have been on three cruises and really never saw thongs or speedos on board, but many on the beaches. carnival has their topless deck, maybe that attire would be more appropriate there? As a woman who is about 30 lbs overweight-I know I look at the other ladies that are cute in their nice tasteful suits & think "I wish I could look that cute" or "sexy" or whatever...but I am envious of them, however, if they are wearing a thong, I am too embarassed to look, let along think their swimwear is nice. Does that sound weird?
  4. The smoking really wasn't that bad, mostly in the casino and of course the cigar bar.
  5. Thank you everyone! For my birthday, we are leaving today for California, then 2/6 our 4 day Baha Mexico cruise on the Paradise! Hope everyone has a GREAT DAY TOO!
  6. A few years ago we snorkled in Grand Cayman, and really loved it. We booked thru the ship, I think it was $25 pp. w/ all equip and also included a drink at some hotel where we snorkled. Cab was extra, can't remember price.
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    PCD cured

    I am looking at that cruise for May 2007. I am anxious to hear how it is!!!
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    Packing game

    sun block- Kaopectate
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome! Everyone here seems so nice, not like other boards I have found. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
  10. Thank you everyone! I will pack accordingly. I am coming from NY state, and yes, it is cold, wet-yucky. I think capris will be the rule of the day-I wear those alot on the 90 degree heat here & am comfy. Do they have the new Carnival Comfort beds yet on the Paradise? Thanks again everyone. :grin:
  11. Hi Everyone! New here, but third cruise. The DH & I are flying to Calif for vacation w/family who lives there, but taking a 4 day Baja Mexico cruise on 2/6. We just needed to get away for a few days, and while I know not to expect the same as when we take a 7 day, I am excited just to be cruising again! My question: Has anyone been on this cruise in the beginning of Feb? What is the normal temp? Should we expect it to be warm enough top swim & sunbathe? I worry that it will be very cold. Please, someone put my mind to ease! We are sailing Carnival Paradise-opinions, comments? Thank you! Laurie
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