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    Royal Princess
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    Australia / New Zealand
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    Bora Bora
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    Hawaii, Alaska, Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Lisbon, Bermuda, Southampton, Ponte Delgado, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cork, Brugge, Villefranche, Livorno, Civitavechia, Naples, Venice, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Columbia, Aruba, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Tortola, Curacao, Jamaica, Key West, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Huatulco, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Panama, the Panama Canal and Transatlantic. Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora and the Baltic ports.
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    Brilliance of the Seas
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    What is better than cruising and traveling the world?
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    Wow a W-I-D-E variety, from Country and Jimmy Buffett to Josh Groban and Classical Music. Also regional music from different countries.
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    Chick Flicks!!
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    I like reality shows - Amazing Race and Survivor are my favorites. I hate soap operas!!!
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    Love Seafood, South African, Greek, Mexican and Portuguese foods and a good Indian curry.....
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    Gucci our Shih Tzu
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    The Internet has pretty much replaced my reading time..... but I love books on travel and on Africa and Tuscany and who doesn't like a good romance.
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    Wife and Chief Cook!!!

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  1. zebra

    Packing game

    Tanning Oil - Lace Camisole
  2. zebra

    Packing game

    Safety Razor - Russia Visa (for our Baltic cruise)
  3. zebra

    Packing game

    spot remover - Raybans (yes I always take a spot remover with me, it seems like Tony always has dripped ice cream on his clothes somewhere)
  4. zebra

    Packing game

    swim shoes - sponges (to apply makeup)
  5. zebra

    Packing game

    Gatorade - Euros (to have some cash on us in Europe)
  6. Praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Florence. Living through a hurricane and it's never-ending aftermath is not something anyone wants to go through. At least not too many cruises sail through this area and will be impacted by the changed itineraries.
  7. zebra


    Shari - we leave on Saturday the 22nd on our cruise. It sounds like you have some very fun memories of your dear Mom, that was a funny story on the plane! My Mom passed the year before yours and I also miss her tremendously ... it's hard. Haha, Your experience at the dance halls was exactly the same as mine growing up in South Africa. I would also "doll" myself up to make myself look much older than my 17 years and was never questioned. I also gravitated towards older guys, so I always seemed to be the youngest in the group of friends. Funny in those days they didn't even check our ID, so I would join the group I was with in ordering adult beverages as well .... no problem. Ooh, your chop suey sounds yummy ..... let us know if you memorized the recipe well. I am bad ..... I never use a recipe when I cook, although I always use a recipe when I bake! LOL
  8. Andi - you are so right. Cruising time is very important to us as well ... why else would one choose a cruise as the mode of transport, right? One thing about Europe, is that it is super easy to travel by road and not that expensive to stay in wonderful hotels, B & B's, guesthouses or even castles. So river cruising would have to really have something EXTRA special for us to exceed that wonderful European experience. We've stayed in a castle in Ireland, a Villa in Tuscany, a house on the Seychelles island of Praslin in the indian Ocean, a beautiful B & B in London, an Houseboat on the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa and many other awesome stays around the world. All such awesome lifetime experiences!!! Ocean cruising is so special because nothing can compete with that type of experience, and as many others feel as well - the sea days are so special, especially when one has visited so many different ports already. Nothing like a Transatlantic or Transpacific for the MOST unrivaled, relaxing vacation. We are reminded every day (at our age) that life is so short, so new adventures are what we look to do these days. Again thank you for your wonderful review!!!!
  9. zebra


    Well today was bitter sweet for me. 9/11 is always such a sad reminder of the worst attack on our wonderful country and so sad to think of all those lives lost in that cowardly terrorist attach .... I am so grateful to all those first responders who laid down their lives that day!!! The sweet part is that it is our precious little Shih Tzu, Gucci's, 12th birthday. She has been such a blessing in our lives but now in the twilight of her life she is battling blindness and deafness, but we love her dearly. Well our daughter Diane flew from South Africa today. She and her husband Deon arrive in New York tomorrow evening and then fly on to us on Saturday. We can't wait. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in the Carolina's ..... this was us last year on 9/11 as Irma's eye came right through our little town, Zephyrhills, on the outskirts of Tampa. We were so blessed that our house stood through the storm although we were out of power for 2 days. We were lucky because we are on the same electric grid as the local prison. They restored power to essential services and apparently prisons fit into that category so 24 hours was our only discomfort in the 90 degree heat .... most of our little town had to wait 6 days for their power to be restored. Shari - Lucky you! I love those days that I have leftovers in the fridge. It's always so relaxing for me when I don't have to cook ... as I cook 90% of the year because hubby does not eat fast food and he loves my home cooking. So it's meat, chicken or fish with veggies or salad every night!!! it keeps me on my toes having to try new recipes regularly. Luckily I love to cook!! Andi - I know what you mean about good bad fair food.... HaHa. I always seem to be attracted to the turkey legs and Tony absolutely can't resist the funnel cakes sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. For this reason we try our best to stay away from the Fair because neither of us can resist being bad. Hi to all Crazies, have a great evening.
  10. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  11. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  12. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  13. zebra

    Nicki, Welcome to CruiseCrazies!

    Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  14. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  15. Hi peggy and Larry - Welcome! Miranda told me that your guys live in Brooksville. We are in Zephyrhills ...... welcome neighbors!!