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    Royal Carib
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    Royal Princess
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    Bora Bora
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    Hawaii, Alaska, Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Lisbon, Bermuda, Southampton, Ponte Delgado, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cork, Brugge, Villefranche, Livorno, Civitavechia, Naples, Venice, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Columbia, Aruba, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Tortola, Curacao, Jamaica, Key West, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Huatulco, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Panama, the Panama Canal and Transatlantic. Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, Papeete, Moorea, Bora Bora and the Baltic ports.
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    Brilliance of the Seas
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    What is better than cruising and traveling the world?
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    Wow a W-I-D-E variety, from Country and Jimmy Buffett to Josh Groban and Classical Music. Also regional music from different countries.
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    Chick Flicks!!
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    I like reality shows - Amazing Race and Survivor are my favorites. I hate soap operas!!!
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    Love Seafood, South African, Greek, Mexican and Portuguese foods and a good Indian curry.....
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    Gucci our Shih Tzu
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    The Internet has pretty much replaced my reading time..... but I love books on travel and on Africa and Tuscany and who doesn't like a good romance.
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    Wife and Chief Cook!!!

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  1. zebra

    Packing game

    Tums - Suspenders ....... haha
  2. HaHa! Makes one wonder how often this is undiscovered though.
  3. zebra


    Jan - you were so right, by 11 am the jacket was off. now we have much milder weather until another cold front next week with 80% chance of rain on Friday. Our daughter Tania and family are up in Gatlinburg, TN this week on vacation. The kids are having a ball in the snow and the youngest one, Nate (9) says he is going to move up there "when he's big"! 😄 Lots of fun for a little Florida boy 😄
  4. zebra


    Shari - Great to see you back here, I think I was having withdrawals 😄 😄 😄 Hope you have been able to sort out your computer and phone woes. Funny I can live without the phone, but not the laptop. I've always said the 2 most important "things" in my life are A/C and WiFi ....... I have to live without WiFi when we are on safari in Africa for 3 weeks, but being surrounded by wildlife day and night more than makes up for it. It's a cold 39 degrees here in sunny Tampa this morning, brrrrrrr! Going up to 70 later today.
  5. zebra

    LadyK, Welcome to CruiseCrazies!

    Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  6. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  7. Jan - I guess it was just this particular couple. I too side with the cruise line. I am always stymied how people don't know what time to be back onboard the ship. It is posted at the exit if all other communication fails, read people, read!!!! Sorry that's an expensive lesson for this couple to learn from.
  8. zebra


    Andi - I am super excited that you will be going on the Edge soon and that WE get to hear all about it first hand 😄 You can pratice all your picture posting here as well .... yay!!!!! I just don't know if I can wait 2 months 😄 .... it looks so exciting.
  9. Andi - Oh this it TOTALLY my kind of port!!! The REAL Alaska ...... aaaah you have me drooling at fresh Halibut. Thanks for sharing those details, you brought all those wonderful animals and wilderness memories we have from when we stayed in Alaska for 6 months. My absolute favorite State .........
  10. zebra


    Aaaah glad you're back with us Shari!!
  11. zebra

    Cuba For Americans

    We haven't been to Cuba yet but I will be very interested to see what those say that have. Enjoy your trip!
  12. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  13. zebra


    SHARI - Wondered what had happened to you. I sure do miss you around here, hope it all gets fixed soon.
  14. Welcome to Cruise Crazies - you have found the most friendly cruise forum on the internet.
  15. zebra

    Regal Princess December 16, 2018

    Enjoy your cruise Larry and Peggy. I wish it was us too! We have sailed twice on her sister the Royal Princess and it is still my favorite ship of all time. Have fun!