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    The Internet has pretty much replaced my reading time..... but I love books on travel and on Africa and Tuscany and who doesn't like a good romance.
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    Wife and Chief Cook!!!

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  1. If you are interested to see the Covid status onboard a particular cruise ship (this changes per cruise) - here is the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/cruise-ship-color-status.html#cruise-table
  2. Andi - they have "Vax Required" and "Vax Not Required" sailings. Our sailing is a "Vax Required" sailing on RCCL. I am with you that this is definitely a key to safety!
  3. Ray - wonderful news of Yuki ..... you are not kidding life moves so fast and moving items from the bucket list to the calendar sometimes seems almost impossible. Hi to everyone so good to hear all about your lives - so many interesting things happening in everyones lives. Ours isn't too exciting at the moment, it's the lull before the storm as work starts in 2 months. Oh yes we did book a last minute 7 day Caribbean cruise in 4 weeks time. A quick getaway before I am tied down to H & R Block for 3 and a half months again. Enjoy what's left of the weekend everyone!
  4. Hi Crazies, Well we're back from our 6 week vacation/safari to South Africa and what an amazing vacation it was. Our 16 days on safari were totally amazing, we sure didn't want to leave Kruger National Park. I think if we are blessed enough to do another SA trip we will spend our entire time in Kruger, maybe even more than a month!!! We have both left part of our souls there in the African bush veld. We also had an outstanding time with our family although sad too as my Dad is very frail now and i am sure we won't have him with us for much longer. Also our daughter Yvonne who lives in SA has had 2 brain surgeries (reoccurring brain tumors) and now has regular grand mal seizures. She is not doing well and has many challenges (speech, psychological etc) - I just wish we didn't live so far away from our loved ones. on the bright side our daughter Charmaine and hubby Mike from New Zealand came to join us, so it was a great family reunion time. I must say the long 18 hour flight from Washington DC to Johannesburg was very tiring and is not my favorite. Shari and Falina - it is so great to see you both posting here again ..... Yay!!!! Ray - health issues? I am so sorry to hear that - please keep us in the loop so that we know what to pray for. Thanks to those who missed me too! As you all know January to April is my busy tax season, so I have hit the ground running and have completed 3 classes and exams this week....... same old, same old story of my life. I do have a Transatlantic cruise scheduled in April 3 days after tax season ends, so we are in the throes of planning for that at the moment too. Sending lots of hugs from sunny and very warm Florida!!!!
  5. Kevin, Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. We are really looking forward to SA if only Dorian would GO AWAY!!!! The timing is terrible, setting it's sights of Florida at the moment for the day we fly. So we are waiting with bated breath to see if it turns or there is a change to it's track. Gosh we miss seeing you guys love seeing your wildlife photos!!! Jan, thanks for sharing those photos of your trip. So nice to see the group and the fun you had together. I'm not sure who the couple with white hair are? Thanks again! Andi & Miranda - you both have such gorgeous smiles, hope you had a great cruise.
  6. Hi All .... a voice from the past. I have been super busy working on our 6 week tour of South Africa. Being a tour guide is entirely different to being a tourist on a tour. i have to plan everything down to the infinite details. Anyhow it has all been planned and we are more than ready to begin our vacay on Friday .... it's been a year in the works. Actually the frist three days will be at an Airbnb in Tavares, Florida with our children here in the States to celebrate both our birthdays which are in a couple of weeks time and we will be in South Africa. It will be a big one for Tony, his 80th!! We get back home on Monday (Labor Day) just in time to pack the last minute items and then we leave at 5am Tuesday for the l-o-n-g trip to South Africa with the couple that we will be taking on this trip. I'm so glad you all had a great cruise .... I have to be honest I was so looking forward to hearing about your interactions (being a CC group cruise) and seeing pictures of you all having different experiences ...... it was disappointing just seeing one group picture for the entire time. I found that a little strange. Falina, it's so great to see you back here on the Dock. Yes it really is sad that it has become a "ghost town" ...... I loved the good ole days when there was so much interaction. Andi - are you OK, haven't seen or heard from you either, or did I miss something. Did you enjoy the cruise? Does everyone have fun plans for the long weekend? I won't have wifi on safari in the bush ....... Yay, digital detox ..... but will post pictures on FB whenever I can. Getting very excited!!!!!!
  7. Hi All, For ages I have received an email alerting me of the latest post to CC ...... not anymore apparently, consequently the old mind doesn't think of it to come over here and post. Please forgive me, no idea what has happened to change this. Well we are in fully fledged summer and I have been trying to get my morning walks in before it gets too steamy and before the thunderstorms. Jan, I hear you with regard to knee pain and arthritis. I too fight this every day and do all my shopping and running errands before lunchtime by which time my knees are too sore, consequently I do less and less activity as the day progresses. Yes I was also wondering if Jason is ready to throw in the towel on CC - so few people are posting these days. It's such a shame as he has put his heart and soul into CC over the years. We certainly would miss communicating with each other even though we are such a small group now. Andi - sorry to hear that you are having hip trouble. Gosh this getting older sure has it's challenges. Ray - sounds like your Asian trip was wonderful and that you and Yuki had a marvellous time. I would love to see some of your photos!!! Welcome back. Miranda - have you also been experiencing the European heatwave? Gosh we have friends travelling in Switzerland and France and they are dying of the extreme heat. Unfortunately Europe is not eared up with air conditioners .... One day this week they we so exhausted from the heat that they took a sur of the moment "tour" in a motor coach just so that they could spend the day in the air conditioning. Have a wonderful weekend Crazies!!!!!
  8. I would have liked to go but Tony wasn't interested - so it wasn't even on our radar. All our friends who have been said it was just "OK" ..... and most of the ships that did that itinerary were old ones, so I guess I don't feel like I have lost out on anything. Maybe things will change at a later date, who knows ........
  9. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
  10. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
  11. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
  12. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
  13. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
  14. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
  15. Welcome to CruiseCrazies! Stop a while and let us get to know you on this super friendly cruise forum. Again ... welcome!
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