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  1. I'm sailing on the Noordam November 27th. Since you're going b2b we should look each other up! Have you joined the thread on the Noordam Roll Call over on x? There is a large group posting there and sharing info. There is also a meet & greet meeting set up for us to mee on the ship. Come on over. Cruisergal I don't know what or where "x" is. I'd love to read the group postings and also join the meet and greet. Please post the details!!!! Please email me at mabeckham at mindspring dotcom and I will get back to you about the roll call. Mary Ann
  2. I'm sailing on the Noordam November 27th. Since you're going b2b we should look each other up! Have you joined the thread on the Noordam Roll Call over on x? There is a large group posting there and sharing info. There is also a meet & greet meeting set up for us to mee on the ship. Come on over. Cruisergal
  3. Just checking over here to see if any CruiseCrazies are booked on this for a b2b cruise. Cruisergal
  4. Husband used it once for food poisoning and I did once for the N.Virus . No charge to us either time. Very good treatment from staff.
  5. Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. Does anyone know how to contact Jackie and Tony while they are RV'ing? They wanted a CD of our pictures and we do not have an address for them. Thanks, Mary Ann
  6. Hi Gang, Tom asked me to tell you all if you would like a DVD of our pictures , all or certain ports, just let us know. My email address should be available in my profile, if not, post here and we will be glad to share with you. Is everyone else still on Med. time? Our bodies sure do feel like it. We are still waking up around 3:30-4:00 and not able to go back to sleep. Still very tired also. Best wishes to all of you for a great Thanksgiving. We will be in Fla. with the kids and grands at our timeshare. Jackie and Tony, Safe and happy RV'ing. Keep in touch and let us know where you are. Thanks to Betty and Jerry, Joe and Pat, Bob and Pam, Jackie and Tony, and Paul and Gail for making our tours such happy memories. Mary Ann and Tom
  7. Hi All, Tom and I got home last night about 9PM. Well that was to the airport. Home around 10:30. Had a super time and really enjoyed getting to meet all of you. Now it is laundry and repacking for our trip to Fla. for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to some reviews from our cruise. I made a lot of notes on the way home and may try to put one together in a few weeks after things settle down. Mary Ann
  8. Hi to all that hav not left. Just checked with Alitalia and was told carry on can not weigh more that 11 pounds :shocked: plus we can have a camera bag each. I sure hope we can hold it down to that. I was planning to pack us each a change of clothes in case of lost luggage but may not be able to now. Thanks to all for your help and info. Really look forward to meeting face to face. Will be wearing our "Joey Pins" and watching for others once onboard. Safe travel to all. See you Sunday. Mary Ann and Tom
  9. Jackie, If you Google Air France Luggage Weight you will find the information you need. Mary Ann
  10. Here is a good review of some of the highlights of our cruise. http://######/ports/article.cfm?ID=134
  11. Just FYI - Check out this article http://www.ajc.com/news/content/shared-gen...tnid=amn101806e
  12. Hi Gang, Just finished working the last 3 days at the Great Georgia Airshow. 10-12 hours each day but it was fun and great weather. Had record attendance. Jackie, yes I did get your email about the tour with Salvatore. Thanks. We do not plan to bring a laptop. We have Roadstor for downloading our cards to CD's and Tom is getting and Epson P400 Media Viewer which stores the pictures and you can view them also with it. As you will find out, he is "The Gadget Man". If we want to check or send emails, we will buy one of the package deals on board. CC cabins get 10 free minutes per passenger and they will give you credit for them if you get the package. Can't wait for that Hot Chocolate from the Cova!! Oh and the candy they give you with coffee!! YUMM Mary Ann
  13. Wow Joey, you continue to amaze us. Thanks for the link. FYI, I called the Captain's Club today and asked about special plans for Halloween on the ship. Was told there would be a low key event in one of the lounge areas for those wishing to participate. Tom and I are not into costumes, etc. so will not be doing anything special. I am thinking of a few bags of candy corn for our room stewards and wait staff. Our favorite things for sea days are reading, napping, lectures for Tom. Mary Ann likes the casino, bingo, wine tastings and lectures. Do not have trouble finding something relaxing to do. I have a feeling that as port intensive as this one is, we will welcome having a "down" day. Must have time for the Cova Cafe!! Mary Ann
  14. We too have had Simon and his brother, Nick, on various cruises and they both are very good. You all will enjoy Simon and his antics. The Today Show had a segment on Spainish Olive Oil this morning. Tom and I will be really busy this weekend as the Great American Air Show is here in Peachtree City and we both will be working as volunteers with the Kiwanis Club. We are having super fall weather here and it makes for great golfing. Margaret, congrats on your eye surgery. I sure wish I could have something done like that. I am very near sighted but have dry eye syndrome and the doctors will not recommend lasix for me. Safe travel to those leaving early. See you on the Millie. Mary Ann
  15. Betty, I think most of the senior discounts came through travel agents. Perhaps those that received them can give you more information.
  16. I also make copies of our travel itineray and the cruise summary and put a copy in each of our luggage. In case of lost luggage and I also bought some of those bag tags that you insert a copy of the itineray for the same reason. It has a message on the outside to alert officials. That way, hopefully your luggage can catch up with you at some point. Also, be sure to keep the number of your insurance company handy. I also make copies of the Guest Clearance Information Form just in case the computer does not have us listed. Just a reminder to all that got a Senior discount. Be prepared to prove your age at the dock. These fares are considered a restricted price and you must prove you qualify. Mary Ann
  17. The "badges" I am referring to are the ones Joey had made and sent to us several months ago. Joey, I take a copy of our passports. We each carry one of our own and one of the other's. If the ship has not taken them away from us like they do on some cruises, the original is in our safe. I too will be getting some Euros at JFK before leaving the states.
  18. :grin: YAHOO!!!!!! Docs have just arrived!!! Now the serious "getting ready" can begin. We do have a different hotel than we were first told. We are now in the Palace Bonvecchiati in Venice. We will be leaving at 4:30AM for the airport. :shocked: Joey, will you please update that info on our group page? Thanks. Oh boy, has the excitement built!! We will be wearing our "badge" when we embark and will be looking for others with the same badge. Hope you all have a glorious fall weekend. Mary Ann
  19. Gail, The ship does sell the stamps for the country you are in the day you buy them and they will mail them usually at the next port of call. There is a cut off time as to when the mail goes out so it may be mailed that day. Since we are in ports till very late they should be able to mail them without delay. Confused :huh: I confused myself!! I like to buy a few postage stamps at each port and use in my photo albums and scrapbooks. Also, have some on hand in port and buy a few postcards and mail them while on shore. We print our address labels to take with us and that saves time addressing items to folks back home. Still no docs today!!! Mary Ann
  20. Joey, We are on the Westerdam in an aft cabin. Will be the first time in an aft cabin. Doing back to back, Eastern then Western Carib. Have done these before so this will be just a laid back and relaxing cruise time. Are you also doing a cruise in Dec.? Mary Ann
  21. Joey, I have invited another poster from the other side to join us here. Hope I do not get kicked off there for doing so. But we have so much info to share about the cruise I want them to be aware of this site. Still no docs!!! I will be watching for that UPS truck every hour!! Mary Ann
  22. Welcome Vicki and Tom. What is the date of your anniv. and what is your cabin #? Glad to have you on board here.
  23. :cry: :cry: WAAA WAAA WAAA I want my docs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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