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  1. If I had tickets, I would be on that ship. My feeling is that Princess and the Coast Guard would not allow that ship to sail without some assurance that this would not happen again! The safest day to fly is the day after a crash. And teacp, I'm glad to hear that Princess really took good care of the follow-on cruise passengers.
  2. LOL! Just be careful, Joey. I used one of the napkin folds at a family dinner once, and I frightened my in-laws! :grin:
  3. This is a link to the Royal Caribbean brochures for Towel Folding and Napkin Folding. http://www.normandtia.com/HTMLFiles/napkinstowels.htm They have classes to practice some of these folds, and give out the brochures then.
  4. Rat, I think that makes sense in your case. But there is a big difference between a 15 yr old and a 19 yr old.
  5. Mary, that's right. They figure that just by walking into the casino to get money, chances are good that you will drop some money there, sometime during the cruise. We use the casino as our "ATM" during the cruise. This way, we can have money when go into port, and not have to keep too much in the cabin.
  6. I am enjoying reading about all the different kinds of entertainment available.
  7. Thanks Joey! Now I know what to tell my husband if I want him to limit his gambling. :shocked:
  8. I think you got a better deal if you got a tour of the bridge!!!! The Captain is more comfortable there, and he probably had a better time too! Whoever did the invitations probably got a stern lecture, I'll bet.
  9. Royal Caribbean lets you use the casino to get cash without charging a fee, and I think the same is true of Celebrity. That makes it easy for us to get cash, and that way we don't have to worry about saving cash for the end of the cruise. Since everything we get from the casino goes on our sea pass card, it's just like charging the tips to our bill. Royal Caribbean gives you the option to auto tip, but also gives you envelopes. (This is for the person who asked about Jewel of the Seas.) This iswhat their website says: We do self tipping, so that we can give it to the person who did the work. On our river cruise, there is one tip for the cruise director (who really gets to know you - there were only 150 on the ship) and another group tip for the rest of the staff - housekeepers, navigation crew, restaurant staff including the cooks and dishwashers, front desk - whether you met them or not. It was OK, but I missed getting to know our cabin staff, and having a personal wait staff. I did get to meet more of the kitchen staff though, so that was good.
  10. My favorite show was the Ice Skating show on Adventure of the Seas. There was a couple who did an aerial fabric act, which was totally new to me, an then landed on the ice and joined in the skating. WOW! http://www.aerialexperience.com/ My second favorite was Toxic Audio, which does all songs a cappella, even the rhythms. They do jazz, rock, and some old classics as well. [url=http://toxicaudio.com/]http://toxicaudio.com/ If you're on Rhapsody of the Seas Oct. 26 - Nov 2, you are in for a treat!!!
  11. Based on just number 1 (7 hours notice, and Aruba), I suspect most people do not get much more notice, but if you already had plans for that night, I could see you declining. Based on just number 2, (Omitting your daughter), I would have called guest relations and explained that we were travelling with our daughter and would need to dine with her. Since she was over 18, they may have had her on a separate record, but since she was rooming with you, it was certainly peculiar that they didn't think that you were a party of three. They probably would not have had enough room at the table for her, so I would decline. Based on both the conditions together, I am guessing you asked for a raincheck!
  12. Sorry Joey. :cry: I guess you could always get off the ship after 7 or 8 days, but I suspect they would not refund you for the days you miss. And THAT would be an unnecessary expense!
  13. Thanks, Mrs. Sully. I didn't win either, but I didn't expect to. Sure wish I got the bonus prize though. But I paid nothing, so at least I didn't get less than I paid for!!!
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