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  1. Welcome aboard!

  2. I agree completely! It was a great game. Boy I was a little nervous right off the bat though. Glad it turned out the way it did. I really think it was the quarterback that made the difference. Urlacher tried hard for the Bears. He's amazing. I loved how the owner talked about helping out with the tornado damages. Now, we have to get through the summer.......
  3. I was almost afraid to check out these boards because I know many are from Florida. I feel so bad. It is such a nice area and was finally looking good after the hurricanes three years ago. I wish I lived closer so that we could go and help the rebuilding efforts. A few years ago we had a area nearby that had some terrible flooding and we gathered up our family and went and helped sandbag for a week. It was so good for the teenagers to get out and experience service like that. It made us feel so blessed for our home each night when we fell into bed. I think about my little flood a couple of weeks ago and feel pretty stupid about my moaning and groaning!
  4. Howdy all! The sun is shining here in southeastern Idaho!!! A "bitter cold" front is supposed to be moving in today but right now it looks very nice. It's hard to believe it's already Feb. Where did January go??? We close on our new home today. Then the moving begins! I was hoping to take a month to do the move but Frank is getting anxious to get it done by the middle of February! So, I better hustle a little more. It's just so darn hard to throw out or give away my treasures....... Hope everyone has a great day!
  5. How depressing..... I hate counting calories. Hmmmmmmm, maybe that's why I hate the scales too!!!
  6. I agree that he does write some really strange stuff! Right now I'm reading some in-depth books on the Revolutionary War and so when I read ones like that I need some "lighter" reading.
  7. I have tried different desserts but during the big game their favorites are brownies and rice krispie treats! I usually make the rice krispie treats in the shape of footballs and use a tube of chocolate icing and make the threads. Looks kinda' cute!
  8. I have always loved this: Viktor Frankl recalled: 'We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedomsâ€â€to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.' My daughter always used this one in her pageant days: "If you can't turn the corners of your mouth up<], at least let the middle droop<]!"
  9. Gd' Day Mates! Thought I would touch base with everyone. Maria - glad to hear you won't need surgery. Just take it easy and do what the doc says. We do the "walk-though" with the builder today on our house and are going to close tomorrow. Gosh, this has gone by quickly! A month ago it was just a thought we were kicking around! You know what I'm dreading? Changing our address on everything! What in the heck am I going to do with all of those darn little labels I buy from every charity in the world??? I have a drawer full of them! Does anyone know if we have to have the same address on our drivers license as our cruise docs? We haven't bothered to get new passports. I know, we need to!
  10. I too loved his books. I always loved the little twists he would throw in. About 20 years ago I read everything he had written along with the James Michner books. Two of my all time favorite authors. The past few years I have been hooked on Dean Koontz!
  11. Well, we have talked about not going to an "old folks home" and just booking cruises back to back constantly......... I think two a year would be about right! Very long ones...... One October and then again in Feb or March!
  12. Forgot to add wonton soup to my list! It's a family favorite. Hmmmmm, we're all English, Danish, and German - wonder where that comes from?
  13. Hey, everyone is invited! I usually make so darn much food that we all get sick of eating. I'm thinking of doing wonton soup this year along with the chili-cheese dip, lil' smokies, meatballs, seven layer dip, hot spinach and crab dip, etc! What does everyone else do? I love new ideas!
  14. Funny joke!!! Even if it started a "politically correct" firestorm! Gosh, I hope we don't get a democrat - I was counting on keeping my taxes down so I can afford a cruise! I
  15. Howdy! Cheryl, that is too bad about your friend Beverly. How scary for her. She will be remembered by us. My dd is back to teaching school today. She is still having dizzy spells but was feeling much better last night when she went home. She's quite a trooper! I think I would still be milking it..... The packing thing is in full-swing! We close on our house on Thursday and Frank wants to start by taking a couple of loads from the basement on Saturday. So, I will have to try and ignore American Idol tonight - or turn it up real loud!
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