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  1. Oh yay oh yay!!! If anyone remembers me, we took our very first (and only so far) cruise Aug 07 on the Fantasy from New Orleans. Well, we were hooked. We loved it. But we wanted a longer cruise. If they left Fantasy but moved to a 7 day we'd still do her again. But yes, I'll keep my eyes out. our next cruise is this coming Dec. We'll be on the Conquest over NYE. Not taking our rug rat on this one :-) Thanks for the news Joey! and I love your new 'avatar' picture!
  2. heheheheh. Thanks, Jennifer :-) I'll chill on Saturday once we hit the road. That's when JEFF starts worrying (Did we unplug this and that?) and I relax (because I did all my worrying up front).
  3. We'll be on the Fantasy, and our DD will be in the club a lot. We are bringing chess & chess variants along and would like a neat place to kick back, have our game in a table between us (us sitting 'natch), enjoy a drink and a game. Where on ship would you suggest? Indoors or outdoors (shade a must!). thanks!
  4. Bon voyage!! Have a great trip!
  5. Bon voyage!! Have a great trip!
  6. Bon voyage!! Have a great trip!
  7. Thanks again, all. And Rose, I know it was a typo but it was sweet seeing "our Sherry" :-) Jeff just got home and tried it on and likes it! He didn't talk about the tie yet, oh well. He's off to shop for dress socks -- I left *something* for him to do. And khaki pants. I told him no jeans in the dining room. :P He's mad at me right now. One of his co-workers told him "There is free laundry on board and no room in your cabin for luggage." I told him "The laundry is not free, I'm not doing laundry, there IS room in our cabin for our luggage under the bed, and NICK is NOT planning our trip -- I AM!" lol. I told him that his co-worker probably was on a different cruise line. What have I been reading and reading for all these months? And 2 days before we leave he comes home with a butt-load of knowledge (yea right). He's just going to have to stick it right back in his butt! mhaahaahaa. :-) --Sherry
  8. Thank you everyone! I bought a classic black (ok, it's off-black, and I'm remembering 'Father of the Bride' and Steve Martin, but oh well!) suit at Wal-Mart shortly ago. I hope it fits. Altogther with the tie and shirt, it was $98. And now he'll have a suit in his closet. Thanks for enduring my 'emergency' :-)
  9. Here's the deal... for all the planning I did I was poor in thinking about my husbands dress clothes. He owns no suit. In all honesty there is a light gray suit in the closet he fit into about 8 years ago, but he doesn't think it will fit. He also owns a 'cowboy' dress jacket. You know, tweed, leather elbow pads -- i'm describing it badly. He hasn't worn it in a while too, but it looks (looked) good on him. I didn't know we needed to reserve the ship's tux ahead of time. I went online last night to buy myself some goodies ahead of time. I'd tried a couple of weeks ago but thought I didn't have a cabin #. I read another recent thread where one of you suggested to someone else to look online that the TBA would actually show a cabin number. I did that and "shore 'nuff" there was our cabin number. So, I ordered a couple of picture coupons and 4 drink coupons and went to order DH's tux and NO!! it said it was too late. So I went to bed (hadn't slept in a long time) and left it up on my screen (i know I'm rambling. I'm panicked!) told DH to read it and he agreed it said he needed to be professionally measured (?!?!?) and that it was too late to order it. DAMN! So ... no tux. I have a huge workload the next couple of days, too. :( :( So, what to do?? I know there's a Men's warehouse in Austin. I live in the area (Pflugerville). Anyone great at web searches? we don't have a lot to spend really. Although my port of calls may just get cancelled thanks to 'Dean' :( but then again at least the trip is paid for! So, help?? Please! I need your wisdom, ideas, brainstorming, anything! DH said he'd give me his "dimensions" when he wakes up. Not professionally measured but you know, his shirt size, pants size, neck size etc. If only I'd bought a discount tux ahead of time off the internet. :( But here I am, thinking I"ll end up going to Formal night alone. :( Ok, I'm off to google. I found men's warehouse website. Seems everything is too expensive. $85 to rent the tux was a lot but doable. I would go for maybe (MAYBE) $100. I just spent an unexpected $110 at the Vets yesterday. That hit my budget. ok, enough rambling... signing off now, the frantic, Sherry
  10. Coolness! Jeff, my husband, doesn't own a suit either. I offered to buy a tux (found a few not too expensive ones -- just double what renting would be) but he didn't like that idea. However, he said a quick SURE! to renting one. My jaw dropped down :P lol. He likes the idea of not schlepping it on board or worrying about taking care of it. He doesn't know yet that I plan on us taking a LOT more cruises ;-) But I'm really happy to hear someone else renting them. I was hoping I wasn't steering him wrong there offering that as a choice. I saw it on the carnival site when I was looking for the drink coupons.
  11. Thanks for the info Cheryl. Do you know if there is any other way to get her something to be able to play the video games with, then? Do they have children's gift cards or something? At 7 she's too young to have free reign with our trip's petty cash. But I'd also like her to be able to have fun in the kid's club. Any ideas?
  12. Let's see.. .I'm leaving in NINE days! Yes yes I'm here!
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