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  1. Not me.. I know better. I've moved onto bustin Chuck.
  2. I know becasue when I sent you that check earlier for payment on the shirts.. didnt have my address on it.. Oh wait a minute.. It DID... typical man...
  3. I agree with Sharon Now, who has the valium?
  4. You might be right ....do we still have hotel rooms......how do we check on them.....how early can we check into them..... Your T/A said the "info will be sent to you" a couple of weeks ago. That's funny cause I know Donna received her email about her rooms.... I must like her better...lol nah,nah,nah na nah
  5. How did I become low man on the totem pole? Sure, sure I know, its because you're treating me like a relative. That one I get
  6. I agree with Linda, we need alist of those freebie events. For TM1 and TM2. I never go to them but guess what? I'm there. Go ahead Lisa, say it... Also its 70 a cabin max. So even though we're on an 8 day its still 70 per cabin max.
  7. Ok, we went from me not being able to post a picture AGAIN.. to plank spanking? You guys really need help.. Oh, I forgot.. Chuck was home alone again last night. That explains it.
  8. " For existing reservations, travel agents will receive $10 per booking in administrative compensation for notifying their clients of the new fuel supplement and collecting the additional funds." __________________
  9. crap, I forgot that. Anyone know? I'll ask around and try to find out
  10. Costumer relations department 3655 NW 87 Ave Miami, FL 33178 I for one will be writing a letter with some sting. Uncle Bob will not like what I have to say.
  11. Kudos my Man. Good Job. Now get back to work. I dont have my stuff yet..
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