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    United States


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    Royal Carib
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    Grand Cayman
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    Grand Cayman, Florida, Cozumel, Ensenada, San Diego, and Catalina Island. With only two cruises under my belt my favorite cruise line and ship is the first one.
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    I love all things cruising and ghost hunting. Steve and I even had a ghostly experience on the Enchantment of the Seas. I am a member of two local groups and just returned from an investigation on the outskirts of Death Valley. Steve loves to run (long distance), target shoot, and work out. He goes to one of those defense studio type gyms called Xcel Defense Studio. We also LOVE to country line dance.
  • Music
    Steve does love his music. Do not get in between that man and his music. He loves Toby Keith, Sugarland, and Montgomery Gentry just to name just a few. I like them all too but have a little rock and roll and alternative in the mix. Favorites besides all things country would be Matchbox Twenty and of course Rob Thomas. The only time we did not listen to country and preferred pop was in the 80's where we fell in love with the music of Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace.
  • Movies
    I love suspense and some horror. No, not cheesy horror but real good thriller horror. I also love action and Sci-Fi. Steve likes most of the same but is less horror and Sci-Fi unless it's Star Trek.
  • TV Shows
    LOST, Big Brother, Fringe, Supernatural, Ghost Hunters, Harpers' Island (AWESOME), Nip Tuck, Rescue Me, Bones, CSI, Flashpoint and so much more I am sure I'm forgetting. My very FAVORITE is anything Stargate. I'm looking very much forward to Stargate Universe.
  • Sports
    Steve likes running (used to run marathons a lot) and loves to watch Football, Basketball, and Baseball.
  • Food
    We love steak and mexican food. NO SEAFOOD. Kind of weird since we like crusing so much.
  • Pets
    Cat named Meeko.
  • Books
    Steve reads very rarely but it's usually a documentary type book and I love anything by Stephen King but haven't read in a very long time.
  • Occupation
    In Between
  1. Happy Birthday Shaunna!

  2. Thanks gang! Yep, it's been crazy for me. Guess I'm on a mission of sorts and I just have to get through it. We are taking some time off in August to spend at our favorite beach in California. That's about all the time off I could get. This time next year I will have a full weeks worth of vacation. We are taking the whole gang and staying in San Clemente. When Steph asked what we planned on doing I told her "rotating." LOL
  3. Hi Gang! Ray I am officially getting one of them there iPad's. May be a little later in the year (new laptop comes first), but I'm going to do it. Jackie thanks! Wishing all of us dieters well. Just finished my nightly salad with a few slices of pizza. Chris, good to hear from you! Hope you are doing well. Nope, no one sick at work. I think I had gotten started on antibiotics so soon it may have reduced my contagiousness. Who knows. Hi to everyone...can't mention everyone..gotta run! Oh oops..forgot to say that Layla is doing well. She was crazy at first about wanting to take care of Seth but it's wearing off a bit. Nothing a grandpa and a credit card can't cure. Tomorrow I am off but my day is filled with doctor appointments for both Steph and Seth. Then I have major school work. Take care everyone!!
  4. Hi Gang! You wouldn't believe how sick I was...guess that's what I get for bragging that I was the only non-sick person in the house. I had such a fever and sore throat but I did immediately go to the doctor and was on antibiotics from the start. I worked five days feeling just horrible. No way I could take off because I'm still on probation. My voice went completely gone which was very scary for me for quite a while. I was soooo miserable I'd get home and just fall into bed. All in the past...well almost as I feel a million times better. Seth is doing great! I stayed away from him so if I can just get Steph well the house will be healthy. I started school this week and I'm going to be one busy beaver. Debbie that steak talk has my mouth watering...lol Great job Jackie and Falina! I'm down too so I know the feeling. I think since I last said I lost, I've lost about five more. Today is my really late night at work (2am) and then tomorrow is my Friday working a 3 to 11pm shift. I have put off my nails so I'm getting in for those tomorrow and then I moved up my waxing appointment to right before work. I'll have to remember to take my makeup and deoderant to work..lol. I have a massage sheduled for Wednesday. I can't wait to see Brett! My household is so crazy right now I need it! I may get to check back in later...it sometimes gets incredibly boring at work but it can all change on a dime so who knows. Everyone take care!!
  5. Hi Gang! I couldn't believe the news this morning. Glad all of your relatives are safe. I blew it and finally got sick. I can't take off work so this really sucks...worst part is poor Steph won't be getting help from me over the next couple of days (remaining positive)..LOL. Layla is still in this new big sister "high"... so far so good. I'm on a whole pharmacy of over the counter meds so I'm a little fragmented and spacy or is it spacey? Think I'll cut back on the Sudafed. Not much time to really chat...thinking of you all! Going home tonight to try to sleep.
  6. Hi gang! Well it's been quite a tiring last couple of days but everyone is home and happy. I threw some quick pictures together at: http://sethprentice.shutterfly.com/ It should be open to anyone to view just fine. My daughter is crazy... same day she's dressed and up and around like nothing had happened. LOL Debbie(AZ) I know what you mean about Charlie... crazy huh? Hey..at least we forgot all about Mel Gibson for a while. Well...gotta throw some pics on FB.... I'm never there these days but that's the fastest way for the family to see them.. Sleep tight!!
  7. Oh my goodness! Glad to hear she is doing so well!!
  8. Good Morning! Well MaryLou how about right now! Steve is at the hospital with Layla and I have to go to work but I will get there as quick as possible after work. Seth is coming today! I stressed out so much about it but I can't call in sick or take any time off for the first 60 days short of probably lying in a coma. She told me she did not want me to blow my job period so it's going to be one long afternoon/evening. I have a new dishwasher being delivered tomorrow (my Saturday) and the big joke was she couldn't be in labor on those two days because of the dishwasher delivery and install. She is holding to that I see..LOL It's all okay with me but I was worried about her. Hope she called a couple of her good girlfriends. She said for child #3 she just wans to get it all over with. Hope everyone is doing well. I can't even think about cleaning out filing cabinets but it sure is on my hopeful to do list. It soooo needs to be done. ICK!! Everyone have a great day! Time to get ready for work.
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