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  1. GM, Welcome back Jackie, sorry to hear about your family. Prayers coming for them and you. Glad you had a wonderful time. We did a shake down trip with our 5th wheel trailer from Thurs - Sat. We learned a lot and hope to make that trip we started last March(too many problems and we came home after almost 3 weeks in Redlands, CA) again. Hoping for better and if things don't go the way we hope then this land traveling thing isn't for us. Looking forward to my cruise with my youngest daughter next year. So much planning to do, but that is half the fun. Well have a great day everyone!!
  2. Hi Shari, It is so nice to see you on here. You have been through a lot and glad to see you are doing well. Will continue to pray for you. A new month and still we haven't been out in our 5th wheel travel trailer. Still waiting on the 5th wheel to be installed in our pick up. Passports are done and we have them. My daughter and I are now looking forward to planning our cruise for Nov. of 2020 to the Western Caribbean. Happy Fall everyone!!
  3. Good morning all, Passport update: It is on it's way to me right now. Should be here Monday. Gibber welcome back and sorry for your loss. Wishing everyone a great weekend!!
  4. Great pictures and thanks for sharing. Will have to visit this place.
  5. GM, Yesterday I did nothing except watch the Seahawks win. It rained most of the day so a good day to stay indoors and do nothing. Andi - my daughter and I are going to the Western Carribbean with stops in Cozemal, Mexico, George Town, Cayman Islands, Falmouth, Jamaica and Nassau, Bahamas. Her first cruise and my first time on the East coast. Miranda - one never knows who things will work out. Just might have to think about 2022. Everyone have a great day!!
  6. Jan thanks for the invite but we have to work around daughters work schedule and she wants to do more than be at sea. Maybe another one later on. Yes she excited and she had to rub it in that she got hers first. Glad your bbq went off well. Have a great day!!
  7. GM all, Nothing new on my end. My daughter receive her passport yesterday after only two weeks. I am still waiting on mine. Hers was a new one and mine is a renewal. Sent in a day apart and mine is still in process. We were worried hers would take longer guess we were wrong. Once mine is back we can really start all the planning for our cruise in Nov. of 2020. Everyone have a great day!!
  8. That is awesome on all fronts. Sorry it didn't work out for us to meet up several years. My mom was sick again and has since passed. It will be two years this December.
  9. Gm everyone, Woke to thunder an lightning here this morning along with some much needed rain. Very dry here. Jan congrats on the cruise. Sounds like a good one. Can't join you since my daughter and I will be leaving for the Caribbean on Nov. 14, 2020. We will be two ships passing in the dark. Jackie hope all goes well so you can leave without weather issues. Enjoy your trip!! Kevin how have you been? Miranda congrats on your next cruise!! Everyone have a great day!
  10. I remember the day when we would have at least 10 pages of posts everyday on here. Sad it has gone down to just a few now. I am guilty of not posting on here. In the beginning it was everyday. Have a great week all!!
  11. Sad they took away the 1 point for each day for booking way early, like a year. That would have earned me 14 points for our next cruise. Not enough to make it to Gold but closer. Guess that means I have to take more cruises!!
  12. I hope they keep the towel animals. Love seeing a new one each day!!
  13. GM Crazies, It has been awhile since I posted. Retired last July, new granddaughter in July 2019, traveled a bit and now I have booked a cruise with my youngest adult daughter for Nov. 2020. Going on the NCL Escape to Western Caribbean. This will be her first and my third cruise. Hope everyone is well. Have a great weekend!! Falina
  14. Hi all, Just checking in. Had a great visit with my daughter and granddaughters. Will be going back at the end of July for middle grandaughter's 2nd birthday. Then again in August for oldest granddaughter's 4th birthday. Next up for us is a 3 day camping trip farther from home. Testing the waters as they say. August is pretty full so no camping trips planned at this time. We have plans to travel to Glacier National Park after Labor Day. Probably will be gone a few weeks. Wishing everyone a great last of June and welcome to July tomorrow. Take care, Falina
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