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  1. Happy Birthday tourlink99!

  2. Hi all! Thanks for all your Bon Voyage messages. I was on the Legend last year and loved it which is why I'm doing it again. I have excursions and beach days booked in all the ports. None with Carnival. I guess I'm looking forward to the cave tubing in Belize the most. Ill give you all a report when I return. Mark
  3. Actually, the Port of New York was very busy in the 60's, 70', and early 80's. They had both Home Lines and HAL sending 2 ships a piece to both the Bahamas and Bermuda every week from April to Oct. During winter months they did 10 to 14 night Caribbean cruises. In addition, You had Sea Venture (later the first Princess ships) Incres Lines, Italian Line, Swedish America and Norwegian America doing a combination of Caribbean and TransAtlantics. This is in additional to the traditional Cunard departures. I'm sure I forget to name a few of the others. Mark
  4. Well you all must be doing something right cause I've been inundated with welcome messages. It gives us newbies the warm and fuzzies. Mark
  5. Good evening everyone! This is such a sociable board. Its like having everyone over for coffee. Anyone live in the Tampa area? Mark
  6. I've been cruising for about 35 years. Sometimes a few a year and I guess it adds up. Some of them have been memorable, a few dogs. But the bottom line is I loved every one! For about 13 years we either cruised from New York or flew to Florida. On my first cruise on RCI'S Song of Norway (their first ship) I paid $405 for a 7 night cruise with R/T air from NYC. Such a deal! I've been hooked ever since. Mark
  7. Hi Guys, David, I see you work for Amtrak. I love Amtrak, I use it whenever I can. I have a Florida Train pass and travel all over the state. But I would love a ride on the Parlor Car. I hope to take that trip soon. And congrats to both of you!
  8. Hi All, The new guy here! I just wanted to drop in and say Hi! This seems like a very friendly room I have no pets or children at home any more, but I do have a wife (TERRI) and 2 grown sons and 3 grand kids. And every one loves cruises in this family! Mark
  9. Hi Folks, Thanks for the quick greetings. I fell in love with cruising in 1973 when I sailed on the Song of Norway. That was when RCI'S food was so good it was equivalent to today's luxury cruises. Boy, do I miss that! Mark
  10. Hi Everyone. I guess I'm the newest member. I love cruising and have sailed many times. My next cruise is on the Carnival Legend in November. Its a pleasure to be here and I look forward to meeting many of you. Mark
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