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  1. Drink strenght is hit or miss across the cruise lines. Just got off Royal Allure and I can tell you that the service in most of the bar areas has become practically nonexistent. I had to schlep drinks for my girlfriend and I all week. I guess with the drink package they figure they already have your money so they don't need to provide service. I'm the one on vacation and I resent having to stand in line to get my own drinks and then paying a 18% gratuity on top of it all. They should be paying me if I'm working!
  2. Yeah. The staff wants you to leave additional tips over and above the 18% you've already been charged. Ain't happening!
  3. Cruising sucks nowadays. It was soooo much better twenty years ago. Now it's run like a fast-food joint
  4. I detected very little alcohol in any of my Royal Caribbean drinks. I could have had 50 without getting drunk
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