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    Caribbean - Western
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    Grand Cayman
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    We hit Ixtapa, Acapulco, and Manzanillo on the Spirit.
    Did Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo on the Splendor
    Cozumel, Roatan, Belize, Grand Cayman on the Glory
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    I love to cook, love all types of music, it's one of life's essentials to me, and love movies of all types as well. My ideal spot is on a beach somewhere, love to swim and snorkel, and am always happy as long as I have warm water, cold drinks, and my loving wife by my side (need someone to help me make trips to the bar!).
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    Jack Johnson, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Black Eyed Peas... as long as it's not country, I'm down.
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    Best movie I've seen lately is "Sugar"
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    I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed to admit that I know nearly every episode of the Simpsons by heart. Also love pretty much anything on the Travel Channel, particularly Anthony Bourdain, and Man V. Food
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    Baseball is my favorite (go Giants!), but love all sports
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    I'm a total foodie, I'll try anything twice!
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    "Sports don't build character, they reveal it." - Damon Bruce
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    Selling tailored mens' clothing... I make guys look good
  1. We got lucky, our first cruise was a few years back on the Carnival Spirit, and we didn't really know what kind of room we wanted, other than we needed a balcony because my wife gets a little claustrophobic, so we booked a Guarantee Balcony, not knowing where we'd end up. This was back when they'd give you a room above your booked class, which apparently is no more, but we ended up with a category 9A, which totally blew us away. We gambled and got lucky, but that's been the only time we've managed any sort of upgrade.
  2. Our first was the Carnival Spirit to Mexico in 2008, and we were quickly hooked!
  3. I figure we have a couple years, I don't want to be the guy with the kid still in diapers getting in everyone's way. Our little Madelyn is very advanced and social, so hopefully by 3 she'll also be able to remember/enjoy/participate in the fun!
  4. Thanks everyone! Kevin, I think we did actually, I used to post quite a bit, and I do sell suits, yep
  5. I am way worse than my wife! She's pretty good about not overpacking, and the everyday stuff is easy, shorts, etc., but what gets me are the formal nights. Now I sell suits and tailored men's clothing for a living, so I actually enjoy breaking out my tuxedo for a cruise, and usually take another sport coat and slacks for the supper club night (totally overdoing it, I know, but my wife and I kinda like the more intimate date night feel, so it's nice to dress up). This of course means packing tux shoes and dress shoes, ties, shirts, etc.... I know, I'm nuts! lol
  6. I think it's nearly a tie for us. We're big into the ports, so itinnerary is a big deal, but we'll compromise on that a little if it means sailing a better ship!
  7. I'm kinda new... signed up ages ago and had a baby, so haven't had much time for anything in a while, but it's been 2 years since my wife and I took our last cruise and the bug's biting big time! But I'm looking forward to recconecting and getting some info/advice and cruising with a kid. So far we've taken 3 cruises, all Carnival, all splendid, done Mexico twice and Western Carib, probably headed back to the Caribbean next!
  8. Happy Birthday CaliTraveler77!

  9. Hey Cali...I'm assuming the Glory was a 7 nighter?? And there were 2 F.N.'s .? Yep 7 night, the first and last sea days were formal nights.
  10. Just got off the Glory on Sunday, working on my review, which should be up shortly, but she was a great ship, loved every minute!
  11. Just got off the Glory Sunday, and we had 2 "cruise elegant" nights, and there were still a lot of folks in suits, and more than I expected still in tuxes (which I like, I look forward to breaking out my tuxedo). In fact, this sailing we saw more people in suits and tuxes than we did on either of our 7 day Mexican Riviera cruises the previous 2 years.
  12. I'm trying to find the name of it, but when we stopped in PV last April on the Splendor we did what turned out to be the best excursion we've ever done. It was an 8 hour all day thing. We got on this 1930's racing yacht that had been restored and spend the first 2 hours sailing out along the coastline to the spot where we ended up snorkeling for an hour or so. We then motored another 30 mins to this cove where we had lunch and got to hang on the beach, go horseback riding, etc, all before a 2.5 hour sail back to the ship. They fed us a really nice breakfast of fresh fruits and various pastries on the way out, and made the best margaritas on the way back. It was about as nice of a day as we've ever spent on vacation.
  13. This is what I love most about Carnival's adults-only Serenity spots. We've always taken our time getting up and moving in the morning, and it's been our experience that we have always been able to find lounge chairs to lay out and get some sun in Serenity. Plus I like that they have speakers out there that pump out some soothing, relaxing tunes. The bar isn't bad either ;) lol
  14. Hi Everyone, First I want to welcome my friend Josh to CruiseCrazies!! Glad to see you made it over here and I think you will like it here too. Sorry to hear that you have to work and Michele has the 3 days off. But just keep thinking about your upcoming cruise and that will help a little. The aircast came off on Monday and it was back to work on Tuesday. After being off 2 weeks, I was exhausted at the end of the day and came home and napped each day. Finally feeling my energy level coming back and I am happy about that. Still sticking to my New Year resolution of going through closets & rooms and getting rid of stuff. It feels great to look around and to see how streamline everything is starting to look. Today I'm relaxing but going to make shrimp louies for dinner to enjoy while watching the Golden Globes tonight. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!! Aww, thanks Janice. It's partly your fault we got so hooked on cruising in the first place lol But more importantly, must be so nice getting rid of the aircast! And I'm not too concerned, something tells me you're be your usual ball of energy before you know it!
  15. As my wife and dog are snug in bed, I am reminded why it stinks being married to a teacher... not only is she off 3 days this weekend, but I'm working all 3! And it's also going to be pouring rain all day... if I didn't have a cruise to pay for I'd call in sick
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