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  6. I was recently (4/4/2010) on the Carnival Spirit for the first time and enjoyed my cruise except for one thing. This was my first time on Carnival, and I had been to the Mexican Rivera five times before. On Saturday, on our way up the line to San Diego I received a letter from Guest Services stating they needed to see me. I went to the desk and was told my credit card wasn’t working. I carry a zero balance every month so I was perplexed with my card being denied. The desk ran the card again and again it was denied. So, I called my bank and it turns out there were fraudulent charges in the Philippines. HMM…I have never been there, was on the ship at the time, and used the card last in San Diego to set up my Sail N’ Sign account. I left my cards in my room safe the whole time. I was stumped on how my cards were compromised while on the ship? The charges were from the day before on Friday. I filed a complaint on the ship, and with Carnival in Florida. They all told me it was impossible for it to happen on the ship. They are now giving me the run-around. I would advise everyone to keep your cards on you at all times and do not trust the room safes or your Room Stewards. I found it odd how after I made my complaint on the ship I didn’t see the Room Steward (who was from the Philippines) again and my room was not serviced for the rest of the voyage. CRUISERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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