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  1. Just got back from cruise and went to Atlantis Beach. We paid $103 (discount price instead of $109) each for DH and me. We wanted to spend time in the casino and shop, but didn't as other family members wanted to go on the beach and we followed. Had to pay an additional $40 for an umbrella. It was HOT as he**.. The lunch that came with it was a hamburger, french fries and drink. Sorry we didn't just enjoy the casino and bought our own lunch. We say the dig and if you don't like walking a lot, don't go. We had the umbrella for about 2 1/2 hours and as we were leaving, we told the other couple who just came on the beach to take over the umbrella as we had already paid for it. At least we helped others save a little. I don't think it was worth it, but then again, if I didn't go, I would have been miserable thinking about it.
  2. New Orleans. The cab will get us there in about 20 minutes. Easy Peasey.
  3. What do I have to do to have my signature show at the bottom of my replies? Also, how come when I reply with a multi quote each reply is separate and the persons I am replying to is not even shown withiin my reply? Another problem is when I was on the carnival forum today, every time I posted a reply it took me all the way back to page 2 and I would have to go through all the threads again to get to where I was? Don't want to bother anyone with all my questions, but I can't seem to find things to help me on this board. I see where you are sending me messages, but can't pull them up to see. Do they have a site I can go to to find this out by myself?
  4. I always surf like crazy to get just the right avatar for my message boards. Wish they had more emoticons though. Sometimes you get tired of the same ones. This is the first time I am doing a multi-reply and I don't think it is going to come out right. I don't see the names on these 2 posts that I am replying to. Oh well, I will find out eventually how this board is.
  5. I will be cruising from New Orleans as I don't like the hassle of flying to a port. I live in a surburb of N.O. Only about 20-25 minutes away from the port. Guess I am in trouble for the next cruise as there is no place else to cruise to out of New Orleans.
  6. Didn't get there yet. I have had a packing list since way back and even added to it on my first cruise. Now I use that one for everything and then edit it. For instance, I have a Las Vegas list, other land vacations list, special Gulf Coast for the weekend list, overnight stay list Should I keep going ..
  7. SORRY - Couldn't find my 1st introduce myself post and posted again. Trying to find where everything is on these boards.
  8. Hi Ya'll, Just call me Summer. Just heard about this site and am eager to chat with all of you about cruising. I will be cruising on the Conquest, July 1 and am getting very excited. It has been 8 years since my last cruise. Guess we have been doing too many land vacations. Family and friends were going, so DH and I decided to go also. Planned it a year ago. Oh, how time flies. . Just 26 days and on the ship we will be .
  9. Adams Fly - Welcome aboard. Hope you can join us in our discussions on cruising. When will you be cruising?
  10. I like the pre-pay tips. Don't have to worry with all those envelopes.
  11. You will find me at the quarter slots . I don't play pennies. Don't want to have to think about what I hit, if I hit at all. Luckier on quarters. Just give me a slot machine with ONE line.
  12. For the past several years, it has been land vacations for us. We were ready to cruise again and family was going.
  13. If I want an upgrade, I guess I would have to do it myself. No upgrades ever for me. Ohhhhhhhhh...............to be upgraded to a suite. I would love that.
  14. I go by the guidelines, but no Tux or long gown. It is bad enough you have to pack DH's suit, dress shoes, etc. and dresses for me. I like to dress casual.
  15. The Inspiration in 2000 out of New Orleans to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozemul (spelling ?). Had a blast. I loved that boat more than the Conquest which was our 2nd cruise in 2004 (Western Caribbean again). This upcoming will be on the Conquest again doing the Eastern Carribbean though and are going with the WHOLE family and friends this time. I guess you can say I don't want the hassle of flying to a port. It looks like in the future, I will have no choice. There are no more options to sail out of New Orleans which is only a 20 minute or so drive to port.
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