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Going snorkeling? Bring a waterproof container to hold your cards and cash.

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While you and your friend are both off shore admiring all the lovely sea life, who is minding your things back at the beach blanket? It would be very easy for an unsavory character to come by and snatch your stuff, so it’s important to make sure you either have someone you trust watching your things for you or invest in a water tight container to take with you in the water. While the cheap cruise ship towel or tube of sunscreen may not mean much to you, you certainly don't want a thief running off with your cruise card, credit card, passport, cash and smartphone. Waterproof containers are readily available in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the inexpensive pocket-size waterproof case, to the more expensive Navy-approved bags, and all can be carried on your person in some fashion - around the neck, wrist, waist or even the pocket of a swimsuit (mostly applies to you, guys).

Got an iPhone to protect? There's a bag for that!

Don't make it easy for thieves. Minimize a potential loss. Whether you are going to a beach or touring a city, bring only what you need ashore, and leave the jewelry and valuables safely locked away in the cabin safe.

For more great tips on staying safe in port, see Avoiding Pickpockets, Purse-Snatchers and Thieves in Port

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