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"Carnival Conquest cruise"


Sail Date:02/07/2010
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


We arrived at Galveston around 11:30 a.m. There was a crazy line at the parking lot, so we finally got in line to board around 12:30 p.m. We got onboard at 3:30 p.m. Lines moved fairly quick, just so many people in them.

As usual, the food was great in the dining room. We had the "anytime" dining and loved it! No rush to get anywhere.

Our first day at sea was still really chilly and VERY windy! We spent a lot of the afternoon donating to the cause (Casino), but had a great time! Had supper then went to karaoke, which was a lot of fun!

First port day, Key West, Florida. I LOVE that place! Great sights to see! Took lots of pics. Had a really nice time, going to the little bars and just seeing all the people and little shops! GREAT place to visit!

Second port, Freeport, Bahamas! Can i get a big YUCK??!! Why that is a port of call, I have no idea! A few little overpriced shops and that's about it.

Third port, Nassau! I LOVED it! We took a horsedrawn buggy ride around the city and took lots of pics...Great guide...knew the history of the city well. Had a great time. Lots of shopping! VERY inexpensive shops!

First day at sea on the way home...COLD, WINDY...ok, so back to donating! lol

Second day was a little warmer, but so windy you could barely stand up. If you set your drink down on the deck, it would blow over. Wayyyy, windy day! Donations anyone?? lol

Our room steward, Eduardo, was EXCELLENT! He always called us by our names and always had fresh ice in our room, which was always immaculate! In fact, ALL the cruise members were very nice!

The only BAD part of our cruise, was the same thing that has haunted us on our 2 previous cruises. I have a BAD allergy to shellfish. On our first cruise (our honeymoon) i apparent was served something in the main dining room on our first night out with shellfish or shellfish base. Approximately 30 minutes after our meal, i began having diarrhea and throwing up. Went to the infirmary the next morning and they CONFINED ME to my cabin for 24 hours! This is only a 4-day cruise and also our HONEYMOON! They asked WHAT i ate, WHERE i ate, and WHEN i ate...they KNEW it was something i was served. The next day when i was finally "released" we went to the Lido to eat. Label says "navy beans." They looked good so i put some on my plate. Went to the table and started to eat them, when i looked down and they were full of tiny shrimp, which would have been much worse than the first time!

On the lido deck restaurant, they label every food on the bar, but they DO NOT put "contains shellfish." Once again, i was going to take a serving of pasta. I thought to ask the chef if it had shellfish. He told me yes it had shrimp. If they can add all the labels, how hard would that be to do? We went down to the pursor's desk and once again told them of our complaint. Her answer was, "Ask them if it contains shellfish." Ok, i'm gonna stand there with 100 people behind me in line, asking if every dish has shellfish! She was also "good enough" to add to my file that i have an allery to shellfish. That was done at my travel agent's office before we left! So a word of warning, if you have an allergy to shellfish, be very careful!

Other than that, enjoy your cruise!! Woohoo!!

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I hear you on the food allergies. In addition to being a celiac (which means no grains, gluten), I cannot have dairy. I ask al the time, "is there butter in that?" I get conflicting answers. I have learned to eat very simple at the buffet.

At dinner, I have always worked with the hostess each night and set out my dinner for the next day. I would say that 75% of the time it works out. The few times that it didn't work out I ended up eating salmon or chicken every night.

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Thanks for the great review, Spunky! Sorry about the chilly weather and high winds, but glad you had a good cruise. I agree that it would be a good idea to let people know if a dish contains shellfish...many people are allergic to them.

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