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"Overall this was a Great cruise"


Sail Date:10/28/2006
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


First off let me tell you this is our second cruise both being on the Inspiration..I may be biased but it was great...This is long but dont want to forget anything...sorry.... This was a 5 night 6 day cruise

Our sons were in total awe of just how big the ship really was..THey had never saw a cruiseliner before so they just could not picture how big she really was...When we were walking up from parking lot they were totally blown away...kept saying OH MY GOD..OH MY GOD...My oldest sons comment..Mom you know I'm scared of Heights...(LMAO)

Embarkation we arrived in Tampa at 11:00 was on the ship at 11:45. Walked on had to get lunch the rooms would not be ready until 1:30. Had a nice lunch and sons could not wait to Explore the ship...the pool would not be open til we pulled out of port (thought that was odd) by then it was 130 so we stopped by room to drop off carryons..For some reason we did not leave port til 5..never did find out why...but hey we were onboard so who cares..lol

Rooms...we had 2 rooms deck 7 Empress 194 and 198..very convenient to pursurs desk and picture gallery..plus that was the deck we embarked on..My Mom and 2 sons had room 194 1 twin and bunk beds...they had plenty of room with 3 people in 1 room...plenty of storage space never tripping over each other..Mom was amazed at just how roomy the rooms were..plus she loved having her bed right beside the window to stare out at the views...Our room was 198 spacious...great view...always clean..loved the towel animals...we had stingray,, elephant,,monkey,,swan,heart in hubby and my room and the pig...too cute..sons really loved going into the room each night just to see what animal they had...

First nights dinner...met our servers...Headwaiter Trevor..Asst Maynard...had the filet Mignon and sons had the steaks..very tender and good..Carnival has new chef and the food was wonderful..we bought our sons the soda cards 24 each that was really worth it..saved us a bundle..plus when they did not want soda we got one..I DO NOT like the Iced Tea onboard..I am a Iced Tea drinker so a fellow passenger showed me how to brew my own..Maynard learned our names right away and was always smiling and greeting us wherever we were..we kids loved that he had their sodas waiting for them...Trevor was OK....he did his job..that was IT..Maynard was very friendly...and loved our boys..we All dressed up for Halloween Carnival had a costume contest so it was expected to wear costumes to dinner..Trevor (head Waiter) didnt really like the idea..(very obvious) but Maynard was Very Happy and excited that kids were in costume..just kept laughing and joking with the kids...Maynard knew I loved the Dried tomatoe and basil bread..well they ran out the 2 night...I asked for some he informed they they were out and suggested that I try another..I liked it..but not the one I loved..well the 3rd night he informs me he has soemthing for me..he brings me out a plate with warm crispy crusted tomaote bread..he tells me I know how much you like it..so I talked to Matri D and had them make more for you..(that earned him a nice lil extra tip..lol) I forgot to tell you we were seated in the Carnivale Dining room..we had a center table..but I really wanted a window seat..they moved us quickly no problem...extra points there..overall our dining was great...did not like our table mates..Trevor was OK..Maynard made up for everyone else hands down..still had a great dining experience..boys totally loved the singing and dancing..so it was great..

First night...everyone was sick..8 to 10 foot waves..ship was rocking very bad...they had to put out the sea sick bags everywhere...Took drammamin and kids and I went to bed... Next morning smooth sailing..Sea day layed out...kids went to check out Camp Carnival..very lame ..but my sons are 12 and 14 so not much for them to do..smaller kids had a blast..always activities to keep them busy..The pools..we like to sit on the upper deck around the pool always found a chair..hot tubs were great..Carnival has really improved on keeping at least 1 hot tub for adults only..we were in 1 and sons were with us..when we got out security walked over and asked us if they were wit us..and if we were getting out they had to get in the other one...that impressed me alot...at least they are making an efffort to keep the kids out for the adults..

First Port..Grand Caymand..was only in port til 3 so we did not have enough time beautiful..very espensive though..We took a taxi 25 for the five of us 1 way (wow) We went to the public beach very beautiful..swam in the beach and did a little bit of shopping..tried the tortolla rum cakes (chocolate) sooo good...had a great time started to pour down rainging as we were inline to get back on ship..got drenched..but overall a great day..

Next port Calica Mexico...Wonderful...BEAUTIFUL..MOm and kids were amazed at the police walking around everywhere with machine guns..that scared em a little..they loved the way the shopping was..everyone saying come amigo come in my shop I make you great deal...if they didnt have what you wanted they ran into another store to get it for you...we got some great deals..14 year old got a beautiful silver necklace for 40 and 12 year old got a gold eagle charm thick for 40...did some more shopping and went to the beach..my husband and 2 sons went snorkeling..had coronas, cokes, chips and salsa and some wonderful nachos, plus the snorkeling all for 60 dollars including tip..we were there until 4 had to be on ship by 530 but we were exhausted..we talked the police into letting us take a picture with them.they flat do not want their pictures taken.(??) back to ship...took a short nap and time to get ready for Halloween trick or treating and costume contests..hubby was one of the runners up..lol ..tonight was the first comedian..Kenny Miller.he was.OK thats all I will say..The second comedian TOny Esposito Hilarious..he did 2 shows genereal one and the Late Night Adults only one..hysterical he had some dirty jokes but I should have taken my 12 year old..he really wasnt that Adult dirty like that it would have hurt for 12 to be there..he was just flat out funny..loved it..come to find out he is from Dunnellon about 15 miles from where I live..that was cool

Last day sea day...played the usual pool games Fear Factor, Hairy Chest contest, kids and I loved the Slide...had to pack up to get ready to go home..Had our last dinner with the singing and dancing stayed up as late as possible to enjoy our last night at sea..

Disembark..went smoothly lengthy..did not get off ship til 10...we chose to let them take our bags so had to wait to get off....which was fine we had breakfast and kids were amazed watching as they were reloading all the food and supplies for the next cruisers leaving..Semis full of supplies...

Overall this was a Great cruise...the food was great..our room steward whom happened to be named Justina and my youngest son is Justin they hit it off greatly..she went out of her way to make us comfortable...Maynard asst waiter was the Best...he never stopped smiling and joking...kids adored him..I have been on this cruise before and had a good time..but I would have to say this was better than the first time...I would recommend Inspiration in a heart beat to anyone..It is an older ship..but they take pride in keeping her shiny and beautiful..Oh the beds were great I am going to buy the comforter and pillows soo comfortable I wanted to sneak it in my suitcase..just wouldnt fit..lol..The next cruise will be on a different ship ONLY because I want to see a different port other than Mexico..Sorry this was soo long but I wanted to cover as many areas as possible..

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