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"Carnival Sensation cruise"


Sail Date:10/05/2008
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


first let me say i love royal caribbean but i have been on carnival as well but i have never been

on this bad of a cruise ever on carnival. we checked in at 1pm that was fine but when we got on the ship that was it are room we not cleaned from the last guest,it was 4 pm before we get are room

just in time to get are life jackets for the drill. after we got in are room i went to are friends cabin

they just got married and i payed for the cabin to be set up with signs and champane but they did not get tell i went to the persers desk and told them. they put it up the next night (not the same as walking in your room at check-in and seeing it and the bottle) the first night we went to dinner in the

seaview bar&grill it was so bad we did not eat much of anything. everything was so salty

wow everyone was telling the cooks that so we ate pizza and a sub that was burnt.after that

we went to the show at 730 pm it was great the only thing that was.

we went back to are friends cabin and called room service at 10pm we get are food at 11:30pm

and are food was cold we did not even eat any of it. back at are room we got ready for bed

when a drunk man was trying to get in are cabin he was very rude and ever tryed to hit my

girlfriend. we called security they came and took him away (we never did see him again on the ship)

what a first night. the next day in freeport we went to seaview bar&grill again for breakfast

it was so so and then to the gym it was busy but not packed they ran out of towels for us

so we quit are work out early and went to are room . this was at 11am and are room was not cleaned up at all so we showers and went into freeport and it was very boring we went back to the ship at 3pm and went for a swim the pools were small and kids everyware the back pool was closed

for camp carnival. after that we went to dinner at the fantasy dining room and when we booked are cruises (me & my friends) we asked to set togather we did not so we asked if we could move to there table the said we could not that all tables were asigned to guest ??

anyways that night we went back to are room it was cleaned thank god.

after all that the rest of the cruise was the same bad food really bad service and when we got are bill

it had charges on it that we did not have ? they did fix it but it will take 5 to 7 business days to get back the money on my card. i will never take a carnival cruise again and my friends that went with us had just as bad time as we did and will never use carnival. :(

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