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5-25-08 Disney Wonder

"5-25-08 Disney Wonder"


Sail Date:05/26/2008
Departed From:
# of Nights: 
Cabin Type: 
Sailed As: 


Overall Value:
Overall Rating: 


We are members of Disney Vacation Club, so we used our "points" for this cruise. We have 5 children with only 2 living at home (THE OTHERs ARE GROWN) so this cruise was for the younger 2 (ages 13 and 18) and us.

What a great cruise! The cabins were great, though there was a little argument about the bunks... kids... the food was great.... service was even better service.

CC was great! We all loved it and seeing Captain Jack! He was great... My daughters and I loved posing for pics with him, he really played the part well.

The kids did not join in the teen activities because daughter13 did not want to do them alone, and daughter 18 was too old. There really was nothing for the age group 18-21... it would have been nice. I did, haowever, love how segrigated the adult only areas were. In fact, we saw fewer children on our Disney cruise, than on Carnival because there were so may areas that were adult only and they do adhere to that strictly.

My husband and I are planning a longer cruise with them next year, just because we liked the ship and the adult areas so much.

Side note on the adult only areas... sinze most people on the cruise travel with kids, these areas were almost deserted! The pool had only a few people, always room in the hot tubs. The the dining was quie and sophisicated.

There really was not a FORMAL night on the cruise, but a "dress up" night.... my hubby appreciated not having to bring a tux... The girls and I all wore shorter party/cocktail dresses. The photos we had taken that night were brilliant!

We really enjoyed the rotated dining. We were ableto dine in all of the resteraunts on the ship.

Drinks/.... free soda, tea, coffee, juice etc in dining areas and pool area. There "drinks of the day" that ran about $3.75. We did purchase the wine package for dinner at $110 for allfour dinners.

Excersions...we did the Dolphin adventure... highly reccommend that one! We also spent a day at CC biking, snorkling and tubing... and at the othe stop at CC (there were 2 on our cruise) we went to the Sting Ray encounter. Also great.

CC was paridise!

Getting on and off was easy as pie.... very smooth.

The day we left we had sit down breakfast at our scheduled dinner place the night before, with the other people at our table so we were able to say good-byes and swap contact info.

The only thing I did not like was when we were in Wausau... one person tried to sell daughter 18 a paited gord for $20, then another came to her and said it was $50, but SHE would sell it to her for $35!!! She also said that it was "handpaited by her grand-daddy".... bunchof crock... I had seen them on other islands! Also, women would follow us, wanting to braid our hair... they were very pushy. Of course this has NOTHING to do with DCL...

All in all... this was a GREAT trip for our family and we look forward to cruising with Disney again!


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