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  1. Good morning everyone. It is a cool start to the day but is supposed to warm up. The sun is shining so no matter what happens it is a good day. We are having friends over today & will do a lobster feed. Yum!!! Happy Birthday Jackie! Have a great labor day everyone - back to work tomorrow. How quickly the weekends go by.
  2. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! We are having friends over to do lobster this weekend. Haven't had any all summer so decided it was time. Other friends then invited us to their house tonight for lobster also. Twice in one weekend - that will make up for none before this time since last summer. We too, did inside cabin for first cruise then moved up to ocean view and finally to balcony. We were just upgraded to a suite for our upcoming cruise and my cousin who only cruises with a suite states once you go to a suite you will never go back. I told her we would since the cost is a bit much for a suite as far as my pocketbook is concerned. Rose, glad to hear that Heather's biopsy was benign. That is always a relief!!! Martha sorry to hear you have to work this weekend especially with the full moon. What a difference it does make. Working in health care all my life I fully understand the craziness a full moon brings with it!!! It seems like the flood gates open wide at that time of the month. My son has a crotch rocket also!!! Both my boys have grown up riding some sort of moving toy. They just love it!!! As a mom, you just hope they stay safe while riding. Steve, the view from your house sounds awesome~ living in the country we too see a lot of wildlife. It is so great when you get to enjoy such an amazing view right from your house. Take care everyone and enjoy the long weekend.
  3. I like boba's answer. Trying to lengthen each cruise would be a great idea. If only time permitted that each & every time. Our longest to date has been 15 days and I can't imagine doing that every time just with work constraints. Retirement time will be the time to add length.
  4. Good Wed. morning everyone. It is a cool start to the day here in the northeast but a beautiful sunfilled one is in store with temps rising into the 70-80 range. Need to go pick out new eyeglasses to replace my broken ones and I am going to look at new electric ranges. Have been doing some research on them and there are sales going on so maybe now is the time to buy. Mine is 20 yrs old and has seen better days. I too had a cataract in one eye and needed surgery after a fashion. Hate the eye doctor so to have surgery was a huge deal for me. But I couldn't see out of my right eye so until that time it is usually no problem. What a difference it has made in my vision. Had to have it done and usually you can just wait until that time if ever. Seajewel you do need some good news for the day. I hope it progresses more smoothly for you throughout the rest of the day. Enjoy your day everyone. BBL
  5. Thanks for the info on the sears refridgerator. I can't believe they aren't doing anything about it. It is certainly a safety concern for others that own them. I would think a recall would be in order. Hope all goes well with your mom.
  6. Shari2 our first cruise was on the same ship, Carnivale and the same year as you, 1979. We definitely went to St. Croix first. We went in May of that year. Wouldn't it be something if we cruised together and just never knew it. I don't remember what type of shore excursion we did but I know we checked out the shops in town. We had so much fun but then we didn't cruise again for many years as we started the family, buy the house type thing.
  7. Good afternoon everyone. Had a great time with girl's weekend. Did some shopping for grandbabies and with one on the way found some great bargains at a consignment shop. Stuff was like new - bouncy seat, high chair and johnny jump up. It is so much fun shopping for little ones. When I left I told my husband I was not going to buy anything as I didn't need anything but I came home with the most. Go figure!!! I guess never say never. Finished putting stuff away, did laundry, paid bills now to relax before heading back to work tomorrow. Did I mention I broke my eyeglasses this am. Luckily, I had my sunglasses with me that were prescription otherwise someone ( hubby ) would have had to come meet me to bring me my spare pair that I had at home. So now I have to get to a vision store to pick out new glasses. I can't believe that I broke them. They were lying on the bed and I accidentally knelt on them which caused them to not fit and while trying to adjust them I snapped them. Lense popped out and the nosepiece broke. I hate having to have that expense but I need to be able to see. I hope everyone has a good evening and a good start to the work week
  8. Good morning everyone. It is a sunny but very cool start to the day. I am off this weekend with the girls again. Husband is going to the races with the guys. Well, made final payment on cruise yesterday and we got an upgrade. Yippee !!! This is the first time this has ever happened to us so looking forward to it. My sister and her husband we offered the same upgrade so maybe some celebrating this weekend as we will be together. Jim, sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathies. Robert, I hope your family is coping with the loss you have suffered also. Jackie, It is fun to be able to go & relax in a salon & come out looking and feeling great - enjoy your treatments. Falina, glad to hear work is going well for you. All other crazies enjoy your day. The weekend is coming!!!
  9. Thanks for the link. I just have to give you some competition Howard!!
  10. Falina hoping you hear good things from the bank tomorrow. It is so stressful waiting. Shawna glad to hear you are feeling better. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday & then the weekend to enjoy. It is supposed to be rainy thanks to "Bill" nearing the coast. Hopefully he travels more out to sea than close to shore. Have a good evening everyone
  11. Good afternoon everyone. Having a day filled with looking at excursions for our Nov. cruise. Final payment is due next week so am getting excited! We don't pay a lot of money either for car tags especially after seeing what everyone else pays. Yikes!!! Congratulations Rose on your 25th Wedding anniversary, and many more to come. Hope everyone has a great evening!!
  12. Good evening crazies!!! We had a great weekend. My sister came with her family and grandson for a visit. My sons & older ones family came too. The grandkids get along so well together. It is just so much fun watching them play together. We have 2 and my sister has one grandbaby. They are close in age from 15 mos to 3 1/2 yrs old. They enjoyed the swimming pool which we finally got into this weekend for the first time this summer. At least everyone got into it. The little ones have been in a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. My older son showed me pictures of where he is planning to go on his honeymoon next June. They have decided to go to St. Lucia for a week. We went there on a cruise of course & he just loved the island. His wife to be would rather spend a week on a island & that was his favorite to date. She isn't sure she will like cruising as she would rather just go one place & stay to explore. I am sure they will eventually go on a cruise as my sons both love to cruise. We got them addicted too!!! Sounds like everyone is staying busy and getting better healthwise. Have a good night. Off to get ready for back to work tomorrow.
  13. I would just go to insuremytrip. com & see who has the best pricing to cover the cost of your trip. I have insured before close to final payment. It just doesn't cover pre-existing conditions but it will cover flight delays, lost luggage etc.... Check them out as they have a variety of insurance plans for you to choose what works best for you. Hope this helps
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