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Disappointed with Liberty again

"Not the cruise we hoped it would be"

Overall Rating: Good


Sail Date:10/22/2015
Departed From:Cape Liberty, NJ
# of Nights: 9-10 Nights
Cabin Type: Verandah
Sailed As: Couple


Cabin:Very Good
Overall Value:Good
Embarkation: Poor
Debarkation: Good
Staff/Service: Good
Overall Rating: Good


After a disappointing cruise on the Liberty last December we decided to give it one more try - mainly because our friends were going and we always have fun cruising with them.

We arrived at Cape Liberty and we were very happy to hear the new parking garage had just opened that morning. This saved

having to take a shuttle bus from the parking lot back to the terminal. This was not a big deal on embarking since we dropped off our

luggage at the terminal first but was a problem at disembarking when you had to take all of your luggage on the shuttle.

If they can embark Quantum in Florida in less than 20 minutes from curb to ship why did it take more than 1 hour to get to the check in desk (and this was using priority boarding) Once checked in it was a pleasure to walk up the gangway and onto the ship rather

than taking the shuttle again.

Windjammer was "jammed" and it took quite some time to find a table. Half of the dishes were empty and most things were cold. This was sadly an omen of things to come.

We were pleasantly surprised when our cabins were ready and we met our Room Steward We had a balcony cabin at the front of the hump on deck 9 which was kept neat and clean by a very over-worked Steward. In December they all had assistants -

that is no longer the case. One person does everything in the rooms and some days, despite being early risers, it was noon or after before our room was done.

With the "all you can drink" packages it is almost impossible to get a drink anywhere without long lines and waits. No more bar

service around the pool and the pool attendants definitely do not enforce the 30 minute rules for unoccupied lounges even after

pointing out to them that the 4 lounges next to us had been empty for more than 2 hours.

Benefits for their Crown & Anchor club upper levels are being taken away at an alarming rate. They used to make you feel so

special but now you are just a number on your set sail card. No more little treats in the cabin - no special C & A parties

for Diamond Plus and the priority departure lounge is now for all C & A members

Now to the dining room - we had early seating which is now 5:30 rather than 6 and arrived for dinner on time every night. Our

Assistant Waiter was wonderful - getting us rolls over and over and filling glasses. Our waiter on the other hand was

so slow. Being seated at 5:30 and getting our appetizers fairly quickly on more than one occasion it was 7PM before we were

served our entrees. We were then rushed through dessert and had to rush to the theater for a 8:15 show.

We had seen most of these productions in December so did not bother with most of them.

As for the Captain and Cruise Director I would not have recognized them if I was stuck in a elevator with them.

As for disembarking we were called off the ship at our promised time 8:15 but a 40 minute wait for a porter and then 4000 people

trying to get through the 3 Custom/Immigration lines made for a long morning

I think it is time to go back to Celebrity and Princess.

Any questions I will be happy to answer for you

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MaryLouu, so sorry your cruise wasn't up to your expectations. It's a shame how cruise lines have changed over the years. On our last RCI cruise they were really pushing the drink packages and the bar service was terrible. Make you wonder if that is part of their plan.

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I was going to say it's time for you to switch to a new cruise line, but you beat me to it.

I agree with your take on the connection between all-you-can-drink beverage packages and ridiculous waits at the bar and lack of service elsewhere. It's not just RCI, but I noticed this on Norwegian, too.

Hope your next cruise is more enjoyable!

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I have had such a bad experience with Royal Caribbean that I will never consider sailing with them again even if the cruise was free. I have been pleased with Princess and all the perks I get with being elite. Free Laundry is nice.

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I have had such a bad experience with Royal Caribbean that I will never consider sailing with them again even if the cruise was free.

Let me know when that free cruise comes up – I’ll be happy to take it off your hands! :biggrin:

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Wow - I am really sorry that this was another disappointment. Let's hope it isolated to the Liberty and not the trend to RCL.

I found your points to be well taken and if you haven't done so already, write to RCL. Your words aren't "complaints" as much as observations, criticism, etc.

Jerry and I feel this way about NCL. Burn me once, burn me twice - but call me a FOOL if we sail with NCL a third time.

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