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    Words with double letters

    occupation - call
  2. chillhouse

    Conga Line

    town square
  3. chillhouse

    New game in town

    tootsie pop - chocolate
  4. chillhouse

    It's ALIVE word game

    snapdragon - newt
  5. chillhouse

    New Game Occupations/last letter

    ringleader - radiologic technologist
  6. chillhouse


  7. chillhouse

    New Cruise Review - 6/72/04

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  8. chillhouse


  9. chillhouse

    Words with double letters

  10. chillhouse

    Can you get on board our cruise?

    I'd like to bring my camera!
  11. chillhouse

    3 word cruise story

    couldn't see was
  12. chillhouse

    The Packing (Not) Game

    doghouse.........enema :shocked:
  13. chillhouse

    Deep Sea Fishing excursion

    Hi Cheryl! I still "lurk" alot :shocked: ! But I still love this board - got the friendliest posters here. Oh, and I forgot to mention to loucna2 that if you go to the website, the handsome young man holding the huge fish is my son!
  14. chillhouse

    Deep Sea Fishing excursion

    Loucna2: My DH & DS did a deep sea fishing excursion in St. Martin through Shoretrips.com. My husband could not say enough good things about Rudy - extremely clean boat, very knowledgeable, and they had a great time (and he's very picky!!) I believe that Rudy only takes 4-6 people so it's very private too. Paste & cut this link: http://www.shoretrips.com/common/search4.a...XM&tcode=000751 Or if that doesn't work, just go to www.shoretrips.com, click on St. Martin, then deep sea fishing. I've used this website a few times and they're great. They'll answer any questions you have. Cori