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  1. That is so cute! What's that saying now? "From out of the mouth of babes"! :smiley:
  2. Joining you in that celebration drink SR! Here's a "BIG" congrat's on finally reaching that SDM-status!!!
  3. Me thinks I'll stay with the regular shore tours, beach & sand and a "frozen-thingeeee"!!! :cool:
  4. Here's to wishing you both a hearty Bon Voyage!!! Enjoy your cruise and may it be the best ever!!!
  5. Here's to wishing you a "BIG" congrat's on finally reaching that SDM-status! It won't be long now before you'll be feeling the wind in your hair and the taste of sea-salt on your lips!!!
  6. One word-----"Beautiful"!!! And thanks for sharing that great shot!
  7. Well that would definitly put a crimp on our daughters honeymoon! Our daughter & her Fiancee will be getting married in 2008, she'll be 19 and he'll be 20! They'll be getting married on the "Freedom of the Seas". Guess I'd better check in on that! I'm sure they'd make allowances for newlyweds, I hope! Or it's going to be a very "interesting" honeymoon! :grin:
  8. WOW-ZER!!!!! Also adding my congrat's to Cruisetarp!!! As a "newbie" here I find that awesome to say the least! Here's ta looking at the next 3000th post!!!
  9. Hi Snowbird! WELCOME to the CruiseCrazies family!!! Hope you enjoy your stay here, post often!!!
  10. What a great Graduation gift! Here's to wishing you a very HAPPY BON VOYAGE! May you have the best time ever!
  11. Here's to wishing you a very HAPPY, but belated Birthday wish!!! Hope your day was great one!
  12. Here's to wishing you a very bealted, but heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ricks! I hope it was a great one for you!
  13. Sending "HUGS" and warm thoughts your way also Joey!!! :wink:
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