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  1. We are heading off to the Bahamas on a 4 night Carnival cruise! I think I want to to go on a dolphin encounter sometime but man there are so many! Also we wouldn't mind seeing Atlantis but the price seems really steep for a one day visit. Any advice? Any suggestions or recommendations?
  2. I loved Cozumel. We walked and shopped and felt alright. I did think that the locals were aggressive in asking for us to look at their stuff until we got to Kingstown Jamaica! That imo was the worst! I got separated from my group by a lady who I thought was just trying to be friendly. She offered me a free hair braid and then 2 other ladies started braiding my hair. I tried to say I didn't want any and until I screamed "I'm not paying for any of this!!" they finally stopped. :(
  3. We spent 7 days and nights on the ship enjoying much of what it offered. The staff were excellent! We really couldn't have asked for better. Even though it is a smaller ship on the Royal Caribbean fleet it had plenty to offer! -We managed to fit in production shows. I was shocked to find out that one of the dancers was a friend from Orlando and had a great time catching up with him while on-board! We did skip out on the first night comedian, others seemed to enjoy him but coming from an entertainment background, I'm a tough customer! We did enjoy Greg London's show on one of the nights. -Casino time, we actually made it off the ship with a plus $80! Woo-hoo! -Spa time for both of us! I had a Ginger and Lime scrub and massage and we both took part in the thermal suite! -Dancing in many of the clubs and lots of TRIVIA, which I LOVE, and game shows! I even got to be a "back up dancer" for Trina Turner in the Farewell Show! Our only small disappointment was the quality of the food. It just wasn't up to par imo. While catching up with my friend who performs on the ship he spoke of the budget cuts that had affected not only the quality or food but the show productions as well. Over all, we had a blast and would return in a heart beat! Our photos are public on my Facebook, feel free to look at them! https://www.facebook.com/dennarenee/media_set?set=a.10153026580295444.1073741839.768005443&type=3
  4. "7 days and nights of a great vacation!" Click here to view the cruise review
  5. Thanks everyone! We had an AMAZING time!
  6. We canceled the Street Car and did the White Pass Railroad trip instead. It was great!
  7. I can not get over how bad the mosquitoes are here in Alaska. We brought the Off fan and it works pretty well but you'll need replant too, especially if you are planning on any hiking. I noticed many of the stores were out when I went for After Bite. :\ My bites look like the stars on the Alaskan flag!!
  8. The drive from Anchoridge to Seward was AMAZING! We stopped many times just oggle and take in the scenery.
  9. We are here in Seward waiting to board the ship on Friday! It is a small and charming town with AMAZING views! It's worth getting here or staying a day longer. We had a delish dinner tonight at Thorn's Showcase Saloon. We're staying in the Hotel Seward. They have 2 different sections: historic and modern. We're staying in the historic side and it's so charming. The only draw back is shared bathrooms but still fun!! :D Here's a link to our photos so far! https://www.facebook.com/dennarenee/media_set?set=a.10153026580295444.1073741839.768005443&type=3
  10. We're also doing a tour that visits the Red Onion Saloon for a Brothel tour and Gold Rush Cemetery and hear stories of Skagway’s most famous residents. :D
  11. We're going on an Alaskan Dog Sled and Musher's Camp excursion while in Juneau!
  12. That is crazy and kind of cool. I hope to see whales from the cruise ship but maybe not in that way lol :)
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