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  1. Veendam the old Oceanic Home lines Grand Princess Carla C old Costa ship norway back in the 1980"s All the RCCI ships Song of Norway SOS Grandeur of the seas Nordic Empress Empress of the seas same ship!And meny more of the 66 cruises we have been on !! Mr veendam
  2. Hi all the Liberty of the seas will be in NJ tomorrow for the fisrt time .Check this site out (www.liberty200734.spaces.live.com) I will be going to see her then .Also on friday the New Celberty ship with be at Cap Liberty for the first time. Mr Veendam
  3. Hi looking forward to seeing her when she get's to NJ this week. Mr Veendam
  4. Hello Mr. Veendam, if you are looking for any help in Dominica, feel free to give me a shout. Tours, sites, cuisine, and any thing else. Happy cruising Thanks i"ll take you up on it as it gets closser . Mr veendam
  5. Hi you are right in some ways .The cruise ships are resorts now .We go for the ship now not the ports !! We are not the first off the ship .My wife likes spleeping in .We don"t shop that much .We are sun and beach people in the Caribbean ! It's funny how people on the first or 2nd cruise site see and shop but never get to some of the best beachs in the world !! We done the resort but after the 3rd day .i start getting bored !! I like the night life on a cruise and the shows .Now when we first started cruising on back in 1981 on the Home lines Oceanic dose anybody remmber that ship and line .Well for a 7 day cruise you had to get dress up every night for dinner .Not menny ships had lido cafes either! all meals were taken in the dinning room .Back then it was more formel then today.We like trying a new ship each time out .And untill resonly cruise line to !! The ship we like the best is the veendam been on her 3 times .55000 ton 1250 people .But i love the big ships to.To each his own .But i can understand youe resoning . Mr Veendam
  6. Hi Cheryl We been on Carinval 10 times also .We go now mainly on RCCI & Carinval now more or less for our boy"s 15 &16 .We did the Crown Princess last august .There was not much for them to do on that cruise .They got bored !! We been on Princess 5 times going back to the Sitmar days .Right now i would say RCCI is much better then Princess .The food on Princess was just good .It use to be great !!! We have been on all the cruises lines on our 66 cruises.Some that are not around anymore too .I live in NJ on the other side of the river from NYC .My house over looks the NYC passagers ship piers We watch the ships go out from our deck. Today the NCL Sprite HAL"s Nordam are in .It"s Spring time here today up in the 70"s !! Cap liberty is 2 towns over from where we live . I still think after 27 years of cruies .,it's still the best vacation !! Mr Veendam
  7. Hi the welcome already feels like i on a cruise !! Thanks all. mr veendam
  8. Hi will be on the Explorer of the seas 2/24/08 12 day S.Caribbean cruise out of Cap Liberty NJ .I had a great time this past Feb. on the Empress of the seas doing a 11 day S.Caribbean cruise out of San Juan . Best of all no flyinging .I live 2 town over from the port !! Mr Veendam
  9. Hi we will be doing back to back cruises on the Majesty of the seas and liberty of the seas august 20 & 25 .Myself wife and 2 boys .haven"t done back to back cruise in 11 years .Really looking forward to the new Liberty of the seas Mr Veendam
  10. Hi welcome home .we cruised with Costa 6 times .And always had a great time .But Costa is not for everybody .We been on 66 cruises on all the cruise lines and all around the world .We haven"t been on Costa since Carnival took then over Do they still have Toga night .It was alway great time . Mr Veendam
  11. Thanks Howard .I Post alot on CC BB . Mr Veendam Majesty of the seas 8/20/07 4 day cruise Liberty of the seas 8/25/07 7 day cruise Explorer of the seas 2/24/08 12 day cruise
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