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  1. Sue ~ I have the same eye condition as you do. I am only having one eye done. My dominate eye. When the doctor told me I was really confused - then he put the eye machine over my face. He left the lens "blank" & set this is how you see now (blurry) - then he corrected just the right eye. I could see perfectly!! He said if he did both - I would need glasses in reverse - to see up close & not far away. Eye's are weird. . . . . Linda
  2. Morning ~ Thank GOD I always keep a spare coffe pot (or 2) in the closet - got home last night & mine was dead. Whew . .. . . .I like Gevalia!1 Have a great day. Linda
  3. Sounds great!! Kauai is on my VACATION list for 2010 (yes I plan that far in advance & yes 2008 & 2009 are booked!!) We own a Marriott time share & plan on spending a week in Kauai at the Waiohai Resort!! Let me know what you think!! Linda
  4. Hi Joey!! We have been to Maui & we LOVED it!! We were there for 5 days - stayed at the Westin up on Kaanapoli Beach. The weather was HOT!! We were unprepared as stepped out of the airport but quickly adjusted (sun dress & flip flops!!) The beach was beautiful!! We went snorkeling with a tour that the best!! We did an ATV tour that took us up into the hills - the best views of the other islands. We also did a Luau at a big resort down the beach from us!! Very nice!! We have not been to Kauai - but we are going to Oahu in Feb. Let me know what you decide!! Linda
  5. Thank you so much!! I just can't wait to do this cruise!! Linda
  6. You never leave "NEVER, NEVER LAND"!! Wayne & I live it every day!! People actually stare at us as we giggle, laugh & tell jokes!! You are as young as you feel!! L
  7. Good Morning All ~ Nice & sunny here in CA. It was in the low 70's yesterday. A little chilly in the morning - but then a beautiful fall day. Linda
  8. WOW!! Just found this!! So for us Loco gang - who haven't even made a full deposit - I take it the total cost of the cruise has gone up? I don't drink but I can certainly order them & stack them throughout the room at any party they offer. I think we'll need a list of "events" on the ship when "free" is there. I understand if you go to the art auction they have appetizers & wine ~ I'M THERE!! When we get closer - let us know all those evenst & Trouble can show up!! Linda
  9. What black scarf?? Is there a game we're playing here?? L
  10. I think we should all give Chuck a BIG THANK YOU!! [/size] For all the hard work, I personally think he has done a lot of work for us & I appreciate it!! now, about that free beer . . . . .
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