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  1. Thanks Everyone! Glad you enjoyed the pics and vids!
  2. I am not sure if you were talking to Linda or me...but I will respond as if you were talking to me since I know Linda hasn't taken the cruise yet. The Dawn Princess looked so eerie sailing away amid all the smoke from the fires that had broken out. I ended up taking a cool shot of her as she sailed off into the smokey sunset. We also had some fun with some of the passengers of the Dawn Princess as they sailed away. They were singing the love boat theme..it was really cute. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures...feel free to use whatever pictures you like.
  3. Hi everyone, The Links to my pictures and mini-movies of my recent cruise on Carnival's Spirit are in my signature. I have pictures of our Pride cruise there too, but the recent ones are clearly marked Spirit cruise. The Mini-movies are listed as the Spirit Cruise as well. Enjoy, and if you have any questions...fire away!
  4. The Inspiration has a special place in my heart because she was our very first cruise. I sure love what they have done with her. She looks fantastic! I hope to re-visit her one day, but I like to do cruises longer than 5 days if we are flying all the way back east. We were one of the last that got to enjoy her for 7 day/4 port cruises right before she changed over to her 5 day Itinerary.
  5. Thanks everyone for the best wishes!!! I have been working on getting pictures uploaded to my webshots account...and also some mini-videos uploaded to youtube. Unfortunately I didn't get shots of the Dolphins but our table mates did. I will email them and see if they can send them to me. The Dollar Coronas were for sale all along the beach in Zihuatanejo..Pacifico's too. You paid a buck and they pulled an ice cold bottle from a tub of ice and poured it into a plastic cup for you...the whole bottle was poured in, so you got the full amount. They were sooo good in the hot sun. Because of the Itinerary change we got an extra 2 hours in Acapulco (we arrived there at 10:00 am instead of noon). We rented a van/driver for a private tour..just the hubby and I..for 90 bucks. So for 45 a person we got this van for 3 hours and got to stop where we wanted, when we wanted, and he gave us a tour of the city. It was great because I was able to ask to stop where I wanted to take pictures. Then later that night we had the Aztec Dinner/Cliff Divers excursion booked. The Night cliff diving was spectacular...the Dinner was so-so, but it was a gorgeous view from the open restaurant. The Spirit - from the beach of the restaurant where we hung out all day. Greg rented a wave runner later on in the day for 25 dollars for a half hour. Acapulco Skyline at night from our table at the "Linda Vista" restaurant.
  6. Oh My gosh! Vicky, I just saw this post! It is sooo cool that you watched us sail away and took a shot of it! We were on our aft balcony that whole time. If you would have zoomed in on Deck 4, the wrap around balcony on the starboard side, you would have probably seen us. This is soo cool. Sure makes me want to go back in time. :) So here is what is weird...I probably took this picture just about the same time Vicky was capturing the shot on the webcam. So here we are...looking back at each other.
  7. Back from the Spirit October 21st Sailing. We got through on the I-15 right before the fires broke out in San Diego. By the time the ship left port, the whole city was enveloped in a smokey haze. I will have pictures soon. Embarkation wasn't too smooth with 3 ships in port at once. Organized Chaos is what I would call the parking situation and the whole embarkation process. We were one of the lucky ones since we had VIP boarding, too. When we went through the entrance of the terminal, we were handed an Itinerary change because of tropical storm Kiko. They took Manzanillo off our Iten. and instead, were taking us to Ensenada the very next day (I assume so we could wait out Kiko moving more west), then two sea days, then Acapulco on Thursday, then Zihua/Ixtapa on Friday. I was okay with this as I was glad we weren't going to be circling the waters of So. Cali for 8 days. Then, early morning the next day, we awake to some rockin and rolling in rough seas. Shortly after this, there is announcement that the port of Ensenada is closed because of the Santa Ana winds causing rough seas. We won't be able to stop there. The good news was that Kiko had moved west quicker than they thought, so we were going to hit Manzanillo on Wednesday, Acapulco on Thursday and Zihua/Ixtapa on Friday. We got the ports back, but they were just switched around a little. We had smooth sailing the rest of the way and a great cruise~! Greg and I were in the Legends show and had a blast! He was Elvis and I was Aretha Franklin. I also got a ship on a stick for the battle of the sexes! YAY! hehe. All in all, with the exception of the very first part of the cruise, we had a really good time. Highlights for us The Cliff divers in Acapulco at night. We got to see them with the added effect of a lightning storm. Pretty spectacular. We got lucky it didn't rain on us during the cliff diving...just lightning. Zihuatanejo was beautiful and dollar coronas...ice cold! Dinners in the dining room with our Fantastic servers...Sylvester, U Pe and Renata! Breakfast in our suite every morning...love that wrap-around balcony! Winning 500 bucks playing blackjack in the Casino. Having a party in our suite after meeting some GREAT people! Dolphins and their Babies as we left Zihuatanejo! Karaoke with all the friends we met and a great karaoke hostess, Liz! Also Armando..the best cocktail server in club cool! The Legends Rehearsal and Show! Probably a lot more highlights that I am just overlooking right now. It was a 25th wedding anniversary to remember!
  8. Thank you everyone!!! I am soo excited, I can't sleep. Hehe. I don't even care if Tropical Storm Kiko turns into a hurricane...Hubby and I are going to make the most of this time. We will leave at around 10 this morning to head down to San Diego. I have just about everything packed except last minute stuff. Wheeeee. Thanks again everyone for the best wishes!!! I will have a coco loco for my sail away drink and think about you all!
  9. Boo! I can't sleep, I am too excited!!!! WINNAH!
  10. The Last Picture Show........The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  11. Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell in "Anchorman"
  12. napping on the verrandah......Having a massage in the spa
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