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  1. Happy Birthday BlackEyes!

  2. Bon Voyage jacketwatch! Have a fabulous cruise and hope you have a great time..Share your stories when you'll return..
  3. Bon Voyage bowlcoach! Enjoy your trip..I hope to see your pics when you come back..
  4. Bon Voyage erinsma! Enjoy your trip and i hope you will have great time..Looking forward to read your stories about your trip..
  5. Bon Voyage jeannep! I hope you will have a great trip and also calm seas on your entire trip..
  6. Bon voyage zosha! Enjoy your cruise and hope to read your story when you come back..
  7. Bon Voyage Dolphin! I hope you will have a great time..
  8. Congrats Ellie and Frank..Have a great time together..Enjoy!
  9. She is so cute and a great mascot for the CruiseCrazies..I really love traveling with our mascot and taking pictures with her..
  10. Have a great cruise Sharon..Bon Voyage! Like to read your experience when you got back..
  11. Those are great pictures..I like the pirate party anyway and the pic of the Pinta was so nice..
  12. Hann, Welcome to CC. Hope to see you posting soon and often.

  13. Glad to have you as a member, Hann.

  14. Welcome to CruiseCrazies, Hann!

  15. Welcome home Cheryl..Watching birds that are illuminated by the lights will be a nice one to watch..The buffet on Windjammer is great as you said because you will not have a hard time to look on what stations are the different foods are..
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