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  1. Twinkies really CAN survive anything! http://www.latimes.com/features/food/dailydish/la-dd-twinkies-may-survive-after-all-20121119,0,6070463.story I'm mostly sad about Mini Muffins and Donettes. Not that I should be eating either!
  2. I pack one huge suitcase, one rolling suitcase, and a daypack. It's a lot for one person, but I have many "cruise-specific" things like snorkeling gear, wide-brimmed hat, water shoes, etc that takes up a lot of space. I will have to pack less tho for upcoming cruises, since I just had a baby and will have loads of baby stuff to carry!
  3. Being very new to the world of cruising (I started in May 2010), I have never heard of this happening. Frankly, I'm shocked! I feel it would have been reasonable for RCCL to arrange flights for the couple as well. Perhaps that is naive of me, but it did not seem they were apologetic about overbooking, therefore I would not be apologetic about trying to arrange free transportation.
  4. I love your reference to the Pinch Me Now moment- that's exactly what cruising is like! Excellent job capturing those feelings and memories and putting them into words.
  5. Thank you for posting this excellent review. Hubby and I have discussed taking a longer cruise, and this seems like an extremely cool one to try!
  6. It's an interesting concept. I agree with Sunluva, if the cruise is properly advertised as a (whatever themed) cruise, it should be just fine. My first cruise was on the Mariner of the Seas, and unbeknownst to me was a Cougar cruise! I was 27, married, and traveling with a friend. Wish I'd known ahead of time- my friend and I didn't realize it until we were onboard and the cruise director mentioned it at the departure party. I guess it comes down to the advertising!
  7. Great list, Jason! Thanks very much for posting. One thing that helped me to remember the difference between port and starboard is that port has four letters, and so does left. The port side is the left side. Hopefully that helps :)
  8. MaryLou, I love the SeaPass card magnet idea! I have all my SeaPass cards, and that sounds like a really cool way to remember the cruises. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion!
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