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  1. I have never been seasick but I have heard that a lot of the pursers desk will give you some medicine for seasickness for free. Not sure if it's certain lines or they all do it but hopefully this helps a little. I have read online that if they do give it out they normally have a couple different things they can give you
  2. I have seen this on some and not on others for carnival. It may either depend on the ship or the crew/supervision working at the time. First time I saw it was on the liberty and yes you could turn in the stub to get in the "win a free cruise" drawing - what we had anyway - but there are so many in there it's almost not worth putting yours in. But hey, SOMEONE has to win, right? lol They are fun to play while you are sitting at the bar having a drink though, and occasionally you'll win five bucks here or there. I kind of like them so it's nice when they are offered but then again sometimes it's nice not having them because I normally spend more than I get back. haha
  3. if my schedule allows I will try to keep up Im not very good at these kind of things but I will try, I need something to do when I come home from a hard day at work. and what a better way to finish a day than cruise talk!
  4. thank you! and yes, I have noticed this board is WAY friendlier than others out there I am looking forward to be able to converse and ask questions without fear now! lol
  5. Thank you! looking forward to being a part of this board!
  6. I keep everything I possibly can! lol. on the islands I like to get either a t-shirt or shot glass or something with the island name written on it. all the ship stuff... i keep it all sand scrapbook it lol. I try not to go overboard with souvenirs but it can be difficult for me
  7. lol yes, if you are in your cabin, the cruise line is not collecting money from you lol. I personally enjoy the break from TV but I would assume money is the main reason for not having more to watch. It is nice to be able to turn something on while you are turning in for the night though.
  8. The Liberty is an AMAZING ship! I loved it so much when I went and also would love to see the upgrades one day. looks like they did a great job :0) Congrats on your booking!
  9. I would love to try this one out someday :0) maybe my next booking perhaps...
  10. Love it! I can't stand seeing 100 empty chairs for hours on end with no one sitting in them and I want to sunbathe but have nowhere to lay out. I'm glad there is a 40 time agreement at the same time. I think thats fair and understand that (especially after tanning) that some people would like to cool of in the pool for a little while or even grab something to eat and I think 40 minutes is pretty fair. I am guilty of leaving my chair empty but it's typically only for about 15-20 minutes at a time, normally for cooling off in the pool. most of the time I just pick up my towel and move on as I know people are always waiting to lay out. But i do feel sorry for the staff that has to police the area. hopefully people will remain good natured and remember they are still on one of the best vacations out there and moving a towel isn't the end of the world ;0)
  11. Can't wait to print mine out soon! :0) That's when the excitement really starts for me and I get giddy :D
  12. I always fly in a day early as a precaution... after the cruise I don't really care if i end up stuck in Florida lol. sometimes I stay in a hotel depending on what day the cruise ends (if i have to get back to work). Getting to the cruise is a MUST... coming back... not so much lol
  13. I prefer the aft balcony! I'm not sure I could ever go back to an interior :) I'm spoiled by the balcony. I want to try a suite but I'm afraid to get spoiled by them too! lol :0)
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