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  1. I love new apps and recently signed up for appyfriday.

  2. First, they should have never sailed with the problems they have. The schedule that the Carnival cruise ships observe do not provide good maintenance procedures. Second, they should have found a way to get the passengers off the boat. It's very poor PR to allow the passengers to stay on a ship like that as well as dangerous. There's bacteria building up, and allowing the ship to drift is not safe either. Third, they've reimbursed all they can, but no one can replace the reputation that's been lost to the passengers and the public (via the media).
  3. I'm offering an interactive mystery cruise through my travel agency and joining with a drama troupe, A Touch of Mystery, from Las Vegas. They will be performing an interactive drama called Lethal Libations. You can watch the video about it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3fk9n9J3Vw. I've got Inside-Oceanview-Balcony cabins available. The Star Princess sets sail along the California Coast for 7-days on September 29, 2013. During that time, you will have the opportunity to solve the mystery. There will be cocktail parties, high tea, and piano bar settings as we sail through the characters to figure out who dun it! Please contact me if you are interested. It's promises to lots of fun with lots of surprises. Shari Cohen sharistravel at yahoo.com Shari's Travel Services Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharistravelsvcs "Come Sea the World!"
  4. I don't care for Carnival cruise line. I've sailed 3 times on Carnival and probably won't sail on them again. This is another bad mark for them and they may want to reconsider their cruiseline safety. As for my reaction? I would be very angry and very upset. My health and safety in jeopardy and those of the rest of the ship -- crew included. Although they are refunding the cruise amount and giving another free ticket. I wouldn't sail on them again. Poor food, average service, nothing special, just cheap.
  5. Here's the facts: Star Princess, September 29 for a 7-day cruise along the California Coast line -- An interactive cruise where you solve the mystery. Actors, in character, will guide you through the clues in solving the crime. You can also be part of it too, if you volunteer early. I'm the one putting this on so contact me for prices at: sharistravel at yahoo.com It will be the price of the cabin, plus paying for the mystery.
  6. I really don't see the need for guns aboard a cruise ship. I'm not anti-gun, but it just doesn't seem necessary to me.
  7. I was just at Belize last month and I completely understand your situation. Did you explain things to your room stewart about your shore excursion? Sometimes you will find that they will bend the rules in your favor. The cruiseline is aware that many excursions start early in the morning because of traveling to the location. I feel bad that Carnival did not help you out in this case. Also many people are very successful in booking their excursions outside of the cruise line. The price comparison is the pocketed monies the cruiseline receives because you booked through them. They want you to feel guilty for not booking your excursion through them, which is totally bogus. I'm so sorry for your disappointment. Did you get your money back for the snorkel trip?
  8. Taking a breather from some travel

  9. I'm not available, but it looks like you are looking. Try searching groups of Single cruises. You'll get your chance to meet other people that are in the same market -- like you!
  10. I prefer to dine late. This gives us a chance to return from a land excursion and dress for dinner. Also, we have grown children and prefer a more adult crowd in the evening.
  11. Anybody interested in an interactive Mystery Cruise?
  12. We went outside the cruise line and went with Shore Excursions by Port Promotions. ((http://www.portpromotions.com/index.php?utype=partners&uid=4dd18f4a5ba3e). You will find the SAME excursions offered by the cruise ships, but for less money. You will find the tour to the Myan Ruins there. Please Note: Belize roads are awful. Although you will be transported in a modern van with air conditioning, the roads are in disrepair and very bumpy. It's a long drive to the ruins, but worth it.
  13. Getting (continuously) ready for a Bridal Expo in November. (Starting early)

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