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  1. [Content removed due to violation of Community Guidelines. Contact Jason directly for any questions]
  2. Electric Heating Pad - Dockers
  3. Monday September 3, 2018 Happy Labor Day Hello To All Crazies here Labor Day is here and the end of Summer has come.... a few hours away for those in the United States. Great F1 Race last night from Italy. Lewis Hamilton ran a great race winning and pulling 30 points ahead for the season. Vettel's hard charging costs him dearly in the race. Another rainy start of the week here in the Philippines. Reynaline comes home later today she spend the weekend on a mini vacation with her girlfriends in El Nido, Palawan. Will be picking her up at the airport located on the old Clark Air Force base later today. It is nice having the airport so close and not having to travel to Manila and deal with the traffic. Jan Enjoy your BBQ with friends today. It will be the last BBQ of the summer with Fall coming and the shifting to indoor parties. Before you know it the BBQ area will be covered in white cold stuff. Shari Ribs for Labor Day sounds great, maybe even better because Marc is preparing them o you do not need to do the work just enjoy the results. Miranda & Andi Both off ending Summer on great cruises. Looking forward to your returns soon. Ray [Content removed due to violation of Community Guidelines. Contact Jason directly for any questions]
  4. Retinol Face Cream - Make-Up Case
  5. But really with 6500 plus posts it is not practicable to review more than the last few pages. If it has become a problem or issue maybe close and start new each month.
  6. The market is a wonderful thing. Really doesn't matter if you are talking about cruise cabins, apples, or service fees. The market if left along will always adjust and find the true value. Simple fact is Disney's final payment and cancellation policy was costing them bookings or income per cabin so after looking at this they have adjusted the policy. Only Disney really knows which ones, but they believe that by changing the policy they we make more profit. Time will tell if they made the right call here.
  7. Xfinity - Yen (for my cruise stops in Japan)
  8. Andi Have a great trip and enjoy your week on the river. Looking forward to the details when you return.
  9. Monday, August 27th Hello All, Hope everyone had a good weekend and start to the week. Watched the restart of the F1 seasons with the Belgium Race, it was a very good race with a scary start. Nico Hulkenberg rammed the back of Fernando Alonso’s McLaren, sending it sailing over the top Charles Leclerc’s Sauber. If not for the new Halo Cockpit protectors Charles Leclerc would have died. F1 has been very safe for many years with the last on track death being in 1994. And then in Japan in 2014 Jules Bianchi hit a tow truck removing a car after a accident sadly never coming out of a coma and pasting in 2015. But the Halo's worked and it was a safe race. Hamilton loss the pole on the first lap to finish second but still the points leader. Andi Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy your time on the river. Jan Time to play catch up for your vacation week now. And to start thinking about the next cruise for you and the 2019 group cruise. Looks like your plate is getting full. Shari Know exactly what you are saying about the cat at your feet. Anytime I walk towards the kitchen they are under feet looking for food. The newest trick is to jump on my desk and rub my arms and when tat doesn't work they lightly bite my arm. I do not think they understand I am the boss. Take the next trip to the casino with Marc get out of the house and have some fun. Later Todd
  10. I see these kind of reports and the red flags go off, another start up cruise line. But this one does have several cruise professionals on the management time. They report "Blue World Voyages' initial departure is scheduled for May 2019 in the Mediterranean, visiting locales such as Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Corsica and Croatia. Next up will be England, Scotland and Ireland." But what they do not tell you is they do not even have a ship or the funding for a ship. They have a option for a ship that will require much rebuilding to make into the glossy photos shown here. They do not even have the money for completing of the option on the ship. So who really thinks they can get the funding, the ship, rebuild the ship and set up a cruise for only 10 months from now? Many try to start cruise lines and most fail.
  11. Saturday August 25, 2018 Hello All While F1 is back from the Summer break and it was a great qualifying with Lewis Hamilton back on pole. Happy to see Force India has new owners and did very well also taking the second rule. F1 is a great sport but very costly, even a last place team is spending 200 to 250 million dollars a year. And front runners like Mercedes and Ferrari between what is shown and corporate spending many times this number. Another quiet weekend for me, Lyn her sister and the baby went to see Mamma, so just me and the cats for the weekend. All three cats are well with all the rain they have been staying in more. My smallest one is giving me some problems over food, he doesn't want ct food he wants what I eat. So if I go near the kitchen he is at my feet begging for people food. We checked out the last of our short term rentals and a one year lease will replace it at the end of the week. So unless something happens all our rental units are under lease until 2019, except one which is open for December 1. The prefect time to do a month or two short term. Or thee months to find a good tenant for the year. Jan I see you had a good trip to Bermuda, happy you enjoyed yourself and had good weather thank you for the pictures posted. But now that you are back and have good internet lets see more. I looked at the NCL Bermuda trips out of Boston, the pricing over the next few weeks is give away pricing, if I was in Boston now I would be booking the ship. For anyone in NE it is a great deal 7 days 2 passengers under $1000 dollars for the cruise, and no air travel. Ray Yes it is harder to get a US Visa now and it makes me mad, if I just walked her across the from Mexico or drove over one of the many logging roads in northern New England she would be welcome with open arms but try to do things the right legal way and it is problems and issues. Really doesn't seem to make sense, my legal wife and I born in the US and lawful citizen and it is a issue. It seems many people here in the Philippines are musical, just look at the performers working on cruise ships many from here. Shari It really is time to get you out of the Lazy Boy Chair and into a good bed that will work for you. Mattress have come a long way over the last few years, You really should take a look again. Hope the trip to the Casino went well, maybe added to the cruise account... Andi Good to hear you have a good working cable cable package. But not much time to use it... you are off soon for your River Cruise, sounds great a smaller river ship with personalized service and a great slower pace. Zebra 78 that the lowest temperature we get here in the middle of the winter. I who love it if we had 78 most of the time. It is painful hearing about the tax law review classes. Brings me back to my college years and studying tax law, reviewing tax policy effect on business models. Knew then being a tax accountant was not for me, hats off to you for doing it. Yes Hawaii got hit good y this storm, I have been talking to a friend who is with the Honolulu Police Department. Siam everything was closed down the officers are on 12 hour sifts and the numbers working is three times normal patrols. All the time he is working knowing his three condos on Waikiki Beach while on high floors the glass windows cannot take the winds of a class three or four storm. As of Friday afternoon he said things going well, better than EMS believed they would. I posted a link to a sign show about the RMS Titanic and some great history, about 35 great pictures with interesting facts. Other cruise crazy people may find interesting. Like I did not know that you can tour the wreck on the ocean floor, take a cruise to the RMS Titanic. OceanGate created a purpose built mini submersible to carry a crew and 3 guests at a cost about $100,000 per person. Well hope all have a good weekend Todd
  12. I'm sure some fellow members like me are interested in cruise history and cruise lines of the past. Came across a very nice slideshow using old photos about the RMS Titanic and her loss, about 35 photos with same interesting history. Here is a link to the slide show RMS Titanic Information Slide Show
  13. Yarn - Notebook Computer
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