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Royal Caribbean Adds Cabanas, Water Slide at Labadee

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Royal Caribbean International is offering more cabanas for rent at Labadee, its private beach destination on Haiti, company President and CEO Adam Goldstein shared on his blog. In all, there are 40 private cabanas for rent on Labadee now. The company started with 20 at Barefoot Beach Club, the private area for guests in Grand Suites and higher categories, and for those renting the cabanas. Now, 16 cabanas have been added to Nellie’s Beach.

“The Labadee cabanas have been a huge hit and so we have increased the number,” Goldstein wrote. “Our initial offering at Barefoot Beach Club was 20 cabanas, and we are in the process of completing four more over-the-water cabanas there. In addition to regular and over-the-water cabanas, we now offer three cabanas that are wheelchair accessible, using our beach wheelchairs. In addition, there are 16 new cabanas at Nellie’s Beach. So there are now 40 cabanas available for rental at Labadee.”

Each cabana can accommodate four to five guests. While each cabana is the same in size, amenities and services offered, there are four types with prices depending on location. The daily rental fee includes a dedicated cabana attendant, complimentary bottled water, complimentary floating mats and snorkeling equipment, a beverage menu (prices charged accordingly), and an upgraded lunch menu at the private BBQ facility. The cabanas are available for reservation onboard through the concierge or guest services manager on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The daily rental fee for cabanas on Nellie’s Beach is $175-200, depending on location. On Barefoot Beach, the daily fee is $150-200.

Labadee’s newest attraction is Dragon’s Splash Waterslide, a 300-foot, stainless-steel saltwater slide at Columbus beach close to the Arawak Aqua Park. The slide, which costs $20 to ride all day, officially opened on July 9 when Oasis of the Seas called at Labadee. For an update from the company on Labadee enhancements, click here.

By Theresa Norton Masek, Travel Pulse

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We love spending the day at Labadee – or any of the cruise line “private island” ports! How come lunch tastes so much better when you’re sitting on the beach?

We have rented cabanas a few times and it really seems to be hit or miss if it’s a good value or not.

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