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Cruising with Hurricanes and Rough Seas

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With the topic of hurricanes in the weather, many people ask what cruise ships do in a hurricane situation.

Cruise ships always stay clear of rough weather as much as possible, this could result in different ports than on the schedule, or even sea days. The captain of the ship will always do what is safest.

When I was on the Carnival Legend our port schedules were Isle Rotaan, Belize, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman. There were times when a hurricane was brewing around Isle Rotaan and Belize, or the port would be destroyed from the storm. In these circumstances we would always stay where the weather was best, or where the ports would be safest. Guests would sometimes be mad but would rather have a good day at a port than bad weather in unsafe conditions.

When it comes to rough seas, I have been through some crazy conditions where things in my room fall over. Luckily I do not get sea sick, but when the ship is rocky, the ship is quiet. People are usually sick in their rooms, but the best want to over come that sickness, is not to be cooped up in your room but out in the open air. It is near impossible to avoid rough seas, but typically last for 8 hours.

I rarely get to see storms living on ships, because we avoid them at all costs. But when we do go through a storm, I am always the first one out ready to watch. They are always amazing to watch at sea.

Thanks! *DB=

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Interesting, Danny...hope I never have to be in hurricane weather...I do try not to sail at those times. We did have one cruise where we could have had some problems with a hurricane but were able to avoid it. We have had some rough seas, though...only a few times...only had true sea sickness once in 10 cruises.

Thanks for your interesting comments.

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