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Cruise Dining: Try Multiple Entrees at Dinner



What better way to explore an assortment of culinary creations than dinner in the complimentary dining room. Nothing in the cruise contract indicates you’re limited to one appetizer, entree or dessert at dinner. Feel free to order multiple dishes. If you can’t decide between the chicken cordon blue or the beef Wellington, order both. Same goes for appetizers and desserts, too. If no entree is calling out to you, then choose a few appetizers to serve as your entree. Don’t think you can finish a second entree? Then share it with your table mate. I typically can’t eat more than one entree, but I do like to order an extra side to share with my husband. Ordering multiple menu items is the perfect way to try new dishes!


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This reminded me, when we were brand new cruisers our table mates turned us on to this dining "option".  It really elevated our dining experience.  Now we have 15+ cruises under our belts and share with other newbies, that we happen to be sitting with, that it's OK to order an extra appetizer or share an extra main course.  On one trip our new friends took to this quite well.  Each couple ordered an extra entree and we all shared them around the table.  The plates were flying all over the place.  It looked like a crazy family at Thanksgiving.  We all stay in touch after several years.

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My husband used to do this on our first cruises when he couldn't decide what he wanted.  Had to stop it later though since we were both adding a little extra weight...the sharing at the table with others is really a good idea, though.

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